Additional Duty Safety Course Exam

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The Heinrich Model:

All of the above.

Complete this sentence: "System defects are…"

Weaknesses in the way the system is designed or operated.

Even though OSHA standards apply to the civilian workplace, they have no jurisdiction over the Army.


Risk management is an ongoing process that helps individuals at all levels to:

All of the above.

Historically, accidents account for approximately 30% of all U.S. Army casualties.


Risk management is a systematic process, and the correct order of the steps is:

Identify hazards, assess hazards, develop controls, make risk decisions and implement controls, and supervise/evaluate.

Commanders establish a command climate favorable for risk management integration by which of the following?

All of the above

Every Soldier is responsible for:

All of the above.

Which of the following provides assistance for conducting risk management?

All of the above

AR 385-10, the Army Safety Program:

Provides policies and procedures to protect and preserve Army personnel and property against accidental loss.

Which of the following statements is true?

ADSOs need to be familiar with the OSHA standards that apply to their workplaces.

What are the most frequently occurring material handling injuries?

Back injuries

Hazards associated with mechanical material handling involving forklifts include:

All of the above

What activities are prohibited while driving an Army motor vehicle?

All of the above

Which of the following are sources of human error?

All of the above

The largest number of off-duty fatalities results from PMV operations.


How does off-duty safety affect Army missions?

Accident injuries, no matter where they happen, reduce Army mission readiness

Which of the following focuses on the number one off-duty safety hazard?

Travel Risk Planning System (TRiPS)

Proper planning is the biggest safety consideration for pre-deployment and convoy operations.


Which of the following fire prevention measures apply to tactical operations?

All of the above

Which of the following are included among safety measures to prevent weather-related injuries?

All of the above

Which of the following best describes the responsibility of the Senior Occupant in an Army Motor Vehicle? Choose the single best answer.

Ensure the driver is not fatigued, or otherwise impaired, from safely operating the vehicle

Which of the following responsibilities are not assigned to the Range OIC?

Evaluating or scoring those firing on the range

In addition to the core safety programs, which of the following programs might ADSOs need to know about?

Programs associated with the unit’s operations

What are some common effects of stress and fatigue?

Irritability and confusion

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards do not apply to the Army.


Risk Management controls for hazardous materials include which of the following?

All of the above

Some common ways to comply with environmental regulations include which of the following?

Properly report and clean up all hazardous spills

Which of the following would you expect from a unit safety council meeting?

All of the above

The safety council is an action-oriented process and a valuable tool to implement safety procedures. The process

All of the above

DA PAM 385-1 (Small Unit Safety Officer/Noncommissioned Officer Guide) can help you develop a plan for managing the unit safety program.


The ADSO is responsible for:

All of the above

How does using a Continuity Book make inspections easier?

Continuity Books allow program managers to identify program requirements and document actions accomplished easily.

One reason for developing a pre-accident plan is:

To overcome some of the confusion generated by an accident.

Which of the following is not one of the first steps you should take when beginning a unit safety program?

Write a safety SOP

If you want to prevent a similar accident from reoccurring, you need to:

All of the above

The Army Safety Program (AR 385-10):

States that the Army will follow OSHA standards and provides policy to protect and preserve Army personnel and property against accidental loss.

The type and composition of the investigation board is determined by the accident class and the appointing authority.


Army accident classes are determined primarily by:

Accident costs and / or degree of injury.

The Accident Board President:

Ensures accident information is only released to appropriate authorities.

Which Army regulation or document provides a useful table with accident notification information?

DA Pam 385-40, Army Accident Investigations and Reporting

Controls should be incorporated during which of the following activities?

All of the above

How do OSHA standards apply to the military?

OSHA applies to military operations and workplaces, but certain military-unique operations are excluded.

Which of the following would not be considered a common Army safety-related prevention program:

Suicide prevention program

A recordable accident is:

A reportable accident that meets minimum criteria stated in the regulation.

Ground accidents are reported using:

DA Form 285 Series

Which of the following accidents are not reportable through safety channels:

All of the above

What are the benefits of integrating safety into the Army mission?

It increases the probability of mission success

Which safety standards have the highest priority for the Army?

Whichever standard is stricter

Which of the following are recordable Army accidents?

A Soldier is injured during PT and misses 2 days of work

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