A&P Ch. 6

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Which of following is a function of the skeletal system? a. calcium homeostasis b. blood cell production c. body support d. protection of internal organs e. All of the answers are correct.


When a fractured bone heals it leaves a thickened region known as a ____________.

break down bone

osteoclasts function to _________

red marrow

Spongy bone is filled with ____________.


A vertebra is an example of a(n) __________ bone.


In relationship to the diaphysis of a long bone, the osteons are

parathyroid hormone

A drop in blood calcium levels stimulates the secretion of __________.

bed rest

A bone scan of an older patient revealed the beginnings of osteoporosis. Which of these interventions is not recommended?

epiphysis, secondary ossification center

Migration of osteoblasts into the ___________ creates the __________.


Where in the body does the production of precursors for the synthesis of calcitriol occur?


Which of these forms by intramembranous bone formation?


what is not a component of the skeletal system?

the cells dissolve matrix

Which of the following characteristics applies to the cells known as osteoclasts?

osteoprogenitor cells

Osteoblasts differentiate from __________.


Bone is composed of ________ percent cells

bony matrix is dissolved

Through the action of osteoclasts,_________

calcium phosphate

________ account(s) for almost two-thirds of the weight of bone.


________ cells are located in the inner cellular layer of the periosteum.


The most abundant cell type in bone is


The type of bone that forms the diaphysis of a long bone is called __________ bone.


The interconnecting tiny arches of bone tissue found in spongy bone are called

medullary cavity

Fat is stored within the_______________


The trabeculae of spongy bone: a.are composed mostly of cartilage. b. are organized parallel to the long axis of the bone. c. are organized along stress lines. d. will collapse under stress. e. are concentrated in the cortex of the diaphysis.

primary ossification site

Migration of blood vessels into the central region of the cartilage bone model, starting bone development, occurs at which site?


During endochondral bone formation, the primary ossification center is located in the __________.


Intramembranous ossification begins with differentiation of ________ cells.


When the epiphyseal plate is replaced by bone,: a. appositional bone growth begins. b. interstitial bone growth begins. c. puberty begins. d. the bone becomes more brittle. e. long bones have reached their adult length.

elevated levels of estrogen

Accelerated closure of the epiphyseal plates could be caused by

get narrower

When production of sex hormones increases at puberty, epiphyseal plates


absorbing dietary calcium and phosphate requires ___________


Excessive growth hormone prior to puberty could result in


Bone plays a central role in the regulation of blood levels of__________


what is formed immediately after a fracture?

loss of calicum/collagen fibers in the matrix

Aging has what effect on the skeletal system?

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