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You need to transfer data from one laptop to another and would like to use an Ethernet cable. You do not have a hub or a switch. Which type of cable should you use?


You want the LAN port on a router to the uplink port on a switch. The switch does not support auto-MDI. Which type of cable should you use?


You have two switches that you need to connect using their uplink ports. The switches do not support auto-MDI. which type of cable should you use?


You need to connect a workstation to a switch using a regular port on the switch (not an uplink port). The switch does not support auto-MDI. Which type of cable should you use?


You have purchased a new router that you need to configure. You need to connect a workstation to the router’s console port to complete the configuration tasks. Which type of cable would you most likely use?


Which of the following connectors is typically used on one end of the rollover cable?


Which of the following standards is typically used in a rollover cable?


Use the exhibit to match the connector type on the corresponding letter on the right.

A=DB-25 B=DB-9 C=RJ45 D=RJ11 E=LC F=BNC G=F-Type

You want to create a rollover cable that has an RJ-45 connector on both ends. How should you connect the wires within the connectors?

Connect pin 1 to pin 8, pin 2 to pin 7, pin 3 to pin 6, and pin 4 to pin 5

You are implementing a SOHO network for a local business. The ISP has already installed and connected a cable modem in the business. The business has four computers that need to communicate with each other and the internet. The ISP’s cable modem has only one RJ45 port. You need to set up the network with the following in mind: Spend as little money as possible, do not purchase unnecessary equipment, computers need to have a gigabit connection to the network, and new devices should not require management or configuration. You examine each computer and notice only one of the four computers has a wireless NIC; they all have Ethernet NICs. What should you purchase?

An unmanaged switch and CAT5e cabling

You manage the two-location network shown in the exhibit. Workstations and servers at each location connect to a patch panel using behind-the-wall wiring. The patch panel then connects network hosts to one of three 1000BASE-T switches. Routers are implemented at each location together using a private WAN. The switch ports have auto-MDIX disabled.

A=Cat 6 straight-through UTP B=Cat 6 straight-through UTP C=Cat 6 crossover UTP D=Single-mode fiber optic

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