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Which situation is an example of​ "relational context" in the transactional model of​ communication?

A colleague​ "stole" your client and you have to work with her on a team

Which is NOT an example of feedback in the communication​ process?

Asking your supervisor for clarification on a company policy

Which of the following is NOT a typical communication barrier​ category?


Which of the following is NOT a characteristic that describes the​ "adaptable" component of being an effective​ communicator?


During which step of the early​ "transmission model" of communication do you select a​ medium?


Which situation is an example of​ "cultural context" in the transactional model of​ communication?

You prefer being direct and are giving a presentation for your branch in Japan

In a recent National Association of Colleges and Employers​ survey, employers rated four​ communication-related skills as more important than technical knowledge. Which of the following is NOT one of​ them?

Ability to code the corporate website

Which of the following is NOT a skill required for effective workplace​ collaboration?


What are three techniques effective business communicators use to persuade an​ audience?

Identifying​ benefits, anticipating​ objections, and supporting the claim

Which of the following is an​ idiom?

Raining cats and dogs

Which of the choices below is a disadvantage of using a team wiki in the​ workplace?

Documents are not delivered to​ members’ mailboxes

Which of the following is the best example of a concise sentence​?

The progress report is due tomorrow.

When analyzing a topic from a persuasive point of​ view, which question would NOT be helpful to​ ask?

What medium do you need to​ use?

Active listeners do all of the following things EXCEPT​ ________.

filter out emotional cues

Which is NOT a technique used to create an​ audience-oriented business recommendation​ memo?

Create a general and vague subject line

People from which country focus mostly on the eyes when reading facial​ gestures?


Which of the following lists the steps to ensure active listening in the correct​ order?

Focus on what a speaker​ says, work to​ interpret/evaluate the​ content, and then respond to acknowledge understanding

Which is NOT something that could block your fair evaluation of a​ speaker?

Separating emotions from logic

In terms of listening​ skills, what does​ "comprehension" mean?

How well you understand what you hear

When you are engaged in​ conversation, you can improve comprehension and understanding by asking questions and by​ _____.


Several causes of team conflict are discussed in this chapter. Lacking an understanding of​ members’ approaches is an example of which type of​ conflict?

Relational issues

Which of the following answers is an example of cognitive conflict within a​ team?

One team member does not understand​ another’s reasoning

Which of the following characteristics would be valued by a collectivist​ culture?


Cultural understanding will help you avoid displaying​ ______.


Which pairing of countries is considered to have typically​ low-context cultures?

United States and Canada

Which of the following is a characteristic typically associated with an employee from a culture that is high on the uncertainty avoidance​ scale?

Likes clear guidelines that lead to a predictable result

Which characteristic of culture defines how the culture perceives inequality and​ authority?

Power distance

What is​ "groupthink" in the context of team decision​ making?

When everyone follows along with the strongest​ member’s suggestion

Which of the following is NOT a guideline to follow when planning an effective​ meeting?

Distribute the agenda at the meeting

Which is NOT one of the four stages of team​ formation?


What are the four elements explored in the analysis stage of the ACE​ process?

Purpose, audience,​ content, and medium

Which of the following is NOT a question you should ask when analyzing your​ audience?

What do I want my audience to​ know?

Which medium would you use if you had to send a travel expense report to your supervisor with​ original, hard-copy receipts​ attached?


After you decide the best time and location to​ write, what are the next steps in the composing stage of the ACE​ process?

Organize, draft, design

Which of the following is NOT a benefit gained by outlining your content before​ composing?

Determining the accuracy of your graphics

Why should you avoid editing yourself during the drafting stage of the ACE​ process?

Because switching between drafting and revising is inefficient

Which of the following techniques is NOT designed to remove​ writer’s block?

Put strict time limits on your drafting stage

Which of the following is NOT a design principle that consistently applies to all medium​ options?

Avoid bulleted or numbered lists

Should cultural differences be considered as part of the ACE​ process?

Yes, while analyzing your audience

Which of the following is NOT something you would examine during the evaluation stage of the ACE​ process?


Which sentence uses concrete​ language?

Please leave the Cleveland travel report on my desk no later than​ 5:00 p.m.

Which of the following is a​ cliché?

Win-win situation

Which sentence is the most​ concise, having eliminated wordy phrases and obvious​ fillers?

We approve your request to leave early tomorrow.

Which of the sentences uses positive​ wording?

The committee will decide the new vacation policy today.

Which is NOT a category of common writing errors addressed in the revising stage of the ACE​ process?


Which sentence is an example of​ concession?

While moving to a new floor is​ difficult, the additional space will allow the growth this company urgently needs.

In terms of logical​ fallacies, what is a red​ herring?

Focusing on an irrelevant issue to draw attention away from a central issue

Which of the following is NOT a type of logical​ fallacy?

Fact refutation

You can build credibility with your audience by providing key credentials. Which of the following is NOT an example of such a​ credential?

Your salary level

In terms of logical​ fallacies, what is a hasty​ generalization?

Drawing a conclusion from a sample that is either too small or does not represent the larger population

Which of the following psychological needs do investment companies typically use to appeal to their​ audience’s emotions in a persuasive​ message?


Which of the following is the most professional and appropriate way of motivating your audience to comply with your persuasive request for a​ favor?

Stressing the benefits of doing it

Which type of persuasive message would you use to convince a seller that its return policy should NOT apply in your​ situation?

A customer claim

In terms of logical​ fallacies, what is a false​ analogy?

Supporting an idea by comparing it to something that is not comparable

Effective team leaders use which technique to influence attitudes and motivate people to make a commitment to a​ team?

Remind the team why the work is important

Which communication medium would you use to tell an employee that she got a lower bonus than​ projected?


Which communication medium would you use to prevent immediate discussion of the bad​ news?


Which communication medium should you use to notify all employees quickly about a possible privacy breach in the​ company’s payroll​ system?

Text message

Which of the following is NOT a good way to soften the bad​ news?

Describing the bad news in great detail

Which type of buffer does the following sentence​ use?
​ "We truly value the high quality of your​ product."

Thanks or compliments

Where do you place the bad news in a letter using the indirect​ approach?

In the body​ paragraph, after the reasons

In which situation would you use the direct approach to organize a bad news​ message?

When the audience is unlikely to be angered by the news

What should you NOT do in the close of a​ bad-news message?

Explain the bad news

Experts suggest doing all of the following EXCEPT​ _____, as part of an effective corporate apology strategy.

Delaying announcement of the bad news

Should a company take responsibility for mistakes or​ problems?

Yes, because doing so will preserve credibility and goodwill

Which of the following is NOT something your professional network can do for​ you?

Earn an​ employer’s respect during an interview

A chronological résumé is best suited for which type of​ applicants?

Those who have extensive work experience in the specified field

Which applicant is the functional​ résumé style best suited​ for?

Students who have just graduated

In which document would you use the​ "AIDA" pattern?

A sales message

Which method of delivering a cover letter is NOT​ appropriate?

Facebook post

Which of the following is NOT something a behavioral question is designed to determine during an​ interview?

Your social media expertise

Many interviewers ask candidates if they have any questions of their own. Which of the questions below would be an effective one for a candidate to​ ask?

Is there any reason why I might not be considered for the​ job?

During which type of interview would you find yourself alone in a room with a search​ committee?

Panel interview

During which type of interview would you Skype with a potential​ employer?

Virtual interview

​Typically, _____after an​ interview, it is appropriate for you to inquire about the status of the position and communicate your continued interest.

two weeks

Which question from this list would you typically NOT ask when analyzing your report​ audience?

When does my audience need this​ report?

Which guidelines should you use to prepare a document for readers who are NOT native English​ speakers?

Use consistent terminology

What is a progress report designed to​ do?

Give your supervisor an update on the status of a longer project

Which document design feature below would NOT help your audience preview report​ contents?

A conclusion

What is the most common format for online distribution of​ reports?


Which is NOT a feature of a report​ deck?

Heavy visuals with minimal text

Which is NOT an example of a data​ graphic?


Which is an​ ethical, non-misleading way to display data in a​ graph?

Accurately display collected data

Which of the following does NOT need documentation in your​ report?

A table populated by data from a survey conducted by your company

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