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Jain monasticism has split into how many branches?

NOT 5 or 3

The yoga path focused on meditation is _____.

NOT kundalini

Hylozoism, the metaphysical philosophy of Jainism, _____.

sees life in everything, even what is inanimate

Sallekhana means _____.

holy death.

A guru is a _____.

religious teacher.

The name Mahavira literally means what?

hero or great man.

Regarding ability of human beings to find the truth, Jainism…

NOT emphasizes that both study and meditation are together necessary to find truth.

The modern Indian who used nonviolent means to help lead India to independence in 1947 was…

NOT Rabindranath Tagore or Ramakrishna

The prince who is counseled by Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita is _____.


Jainism places great emphasis on _____.


The most famous single text in Hinduism is part of the Mahabharata and is known as _____.

NOT Vedas

The duties (dhaka) of each class (caste) are found in the _____.

Laws of Manu

Bhakti is related to what?

NOT working for the good of others or freedom from suffering

The elephant-headed god who is a symbol of overcoming difficult obstacles in one’s life is _____.


The ideal of causing no harm to anything that can suffer is _____.


Om is a well-known example of a _____.


The name of the Digambara branch literally means what?


In Hinduism, the dead body is disposed of by _____.


What path to liberation centers on meditation sometimes under the guidance of a guru is known as the way of knowledge?

Jnana yoga

The hallucinatory drink used in Vedic worship was called what?


The goal of ultimate liberation from egotism and from rebirth is called _____.


The absolute or divine reality in Hinduism is known as _____.


The Bhagavad Gita is part of which long Indian epic poem/


The Jains consider Mahavira to be what?

the twenty-fourth "crossing-maker."

According to the Upanishads, the one reality from which all other reality comes is what?


The river that lies northwest of India is related to the origin of the term Hindu is that ______.

NOT Brahmaputra

The oldest and most important of the Vedas is

Rig Veda.

Most Jains practice the devotional activity called _____.


What animal is treated with special devotion and care by Hindus?


Krishna is considered an incarnation of which god?


The major characters of the Bhagavad-Gita are the god Krishna and a warrior named _____.


The term maya may be translated as what?


The law of moral cause-and-effect is called the law of _____.


The Bhagavad-Gita teaches that as with humans, the ultimate has two natures, the lower, material nature called the _____.

NOT parvati

Raja yoga is the yoga of _____.


The principle of a cause and effect relationship operative in human behavior is known as the law of _____.


In 1947 India was partitioned into the nations of India and _____.


The Jain worldview holds that a Creator _____.

does not exist.

The basic Hindu problem in the eternal soul trapped by karma. The cause is what?

avidya (ignorance, desire)

Jainism, as taught by Mahavira, emerged in India about the time of what other great teacher?

Siddhartha Gautama, the Buddha

Tirthankara is the Jain name that is translated as a _____.


The yoga path that involves acting and striving to do all useful work unselfish without a desire for reward is what?


A Brahmin is a _____.

priest of a high caste.

That portion of the Rig-Veda which is known as the philosophical is called _____.


Jains believed that perfected souls so what?

disappear from the world and live at the top of the universe.

A manta is a

short chant.

Living in accord with dharma relates to path of action?

Karma yoga

Jainism was a strong influence on who?


A Hindu social class, sanctioned by religion, is called a _____.


In Hinduism, dharma refers to _____.

one’s social duty.

Many scholars believe that this group migrated from central Asia into Northern India about 1500 BCE.

The Aryans

Vedic worship primarily involved what?

NOT fasting for a month, beginning at the new moon.

Facts lending support to the "Aryan invasion theory" included what?

NOT ancient seals showing someone seated in yogic meditation posture

In Hindu understanding, the material world (maya) is an illusion and in our ignorance we fail to see that we must penetrate through the veil of maya. This represents which part of the Hindu worldview?

NOT Humanity

This god, in Hinduism, is associated with destruction and rebirth.


When was the Bhagavad Gita written?

400 B.C.E. – 400 C.E.

The religious practice of ordinary Hindus is primarily what?

devotion to deities.

This path to liberation is rooted in the Vedic practice of sacrifice to various gods and so is the path of devotion.

Bhakti yoga

The Vedic god of fire was _____.


According to classical Hinduism, life has four aims. Which one of the following is not one of these aims?

NOT moksha

The term for the divine nature of each person is what?


The yoga path focused on doing various stretching postures and balancing is what?


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