World History FLVS 4.02 Italian City-States

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What is an appropriate label for the yellow line in this map

What is an appropriate label for the yellow line in this map

Venice was located in an ideal position to trade with

the East

Rome’s income was mostly provided by

religious pilgrims and church business

Who held the most power in the Italian city-states?

The wealthiest people

Which of these choices best describes Italy in the 15th century?

A collection of small kingdoms and city-states

How did Italian city-states like Venice and Florence become major banking and trade centers?

Their location made them a natural route for travel between Europe, Africa, and Asia.

Unlike the monarchy in a feudal system, the wealthy and powerful citizens who controlled Italian city-states were more focused on

economic activity and development

How was Naples different from the other Italian city-states?

It did not have a large professional middle class.

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