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Which of the following BEST summarizes the reading titled "I’m not your consumer: How research misses the human behind the demographic"?

The vast majority of our decisions are made unconsciously

Which of the following BEST describes the physiological approach to analyzing images?

A response to a given stimuli is universal

Which of the following are two approaches to analyzing visuals, as discussed in lecture?

The psychological and the physiological

Humans process visuals how many times faster than text?


According to the reading "Why we love beautiful things," which of the following is true of the proportions known as the "golden rectangle"?

The Mona Lisa has these proportions, Research reveals humans can scan an image fastest when its shape is a golden rectangle, and Humans respond so dramatically to this shape that it can reduce stress levels

HD video is recorded and properly displayed in which aspect ratio?


Which of the following reveals the most emotion on a person’s face?


The three most common resolutions of digital video are:

720 x 480, 1280 x 720, 1920 x 1080

Which of the following are actual frame rates of digital video?

23.976, 29.97

Another name for the "Cowboy shot" is:


Viewing old SD television shows on an HD television can necessitate:


Which of the following camera angles is often used to suggest chaos or confusion?

Dutch angle

Which of following shows a person from head to foot?


Resolution is properly expressed as:

number of horizontal pixels by number of vertical pixels

True or False: To avoid confusion, the camera should be kept at the same height when cutting back and forth between two people in conversation.


A bicyclist riding her bike across the frame establishes what vector type?


True/False: The viewer’s eye tends to be drawn to the darkest areas of a shot.


Which of the following statements is NOT representative of the rule of thirds?

a strong vertical element should be placed within the center third of the frame

Composition along the Z-axis can be used to emphasize:


Although it doesn’t suggest a particular direction, a prominent horizon line in a shot can be thought of as what type of vector?


The categories of visual vectors, in order from weakest to strongest:

graphic, index, motion

Imagine an exterior shot of a department store’s front display window. Inside the display window there are two employees arguing loudly over the placement of a mannequin. The field of view is wide enough for us to see the entire front wall of the store; the window only takes up about half of the shot. This is an example of:

frame within a frame

Which of these would be considered the "strongest" visual vector?

a car entering the left side of the frame and speeding toward the right

Imagine an ELS where two distant people are walking along a sidewalk, directly toward the camera. The edges of the sidewalk draw the viewers’ eyes toward the people. This is an example of:

leading lines

A person looking off to the right side of the frame is an example of what vector type?


"In general, when we transition from one shot to another, we don’t want to draw attention to that edit point. We want the flow to seem natural." This statement describes the concept of:


The reaction shot can be used to:

cover a potential jump cut reveal emotions break up the monotony of back-and-forth dialogue

A sequence starts with a LS of a child seated at a desk coloring. There is a cut to a MS of a man and woman arguing. This is an example of:

a cutaway

Which of the following represents a graphic match edit?

an overhead view of a glass of milk fills the frame. CUT TO the full moon filling the frame

True/False: A jump cut always indicates poor editing skills.


According to White Space Is Not Your Enemy, creating a production storyboard will help you make decisions about which of the following?

POV, movement

In order to maintain vector continuity, the camera should not cross:

the axis of action

Which of the following describes the "mental map" as it applies to video production?

the assumed layout of a scene based on an establishing shot

A sequence starts with a MS of a woman and a man facing each other across a table. This is an example of

convergent index vectors

A sequence starts with a LS of two people seated on a bench. They are both looking out across a lake. This is an example of:

continuing index vectors

According to Exploring Composition in Photography with Taz Tally, which of the following components make a successful image?

Simplicity, asymmetry, eye lines, point of view

According to lecture, it’s a good rule of thumb to keep images for the web under which size?

100 KB

Which of the following file types shares the MOST characteristics with a PSD file?


Which of the following file sizes would download the fastest?

90 KB

Which of the following image file types DOES NOT support transparency?


According to the reading "Blogger beware," which of the following is permissible under Fair Use?

None of the above are permissible

According to lecture, which of the following terms describes the use of dark shadows combined with bright lights to make a photo seem passionate?


According to the reading "Blogger beware," which of the following image sources are NOT OK to use without caution?

Images from Pinterest

Which of the following BEST describes the term "omniphasism"?

In the personal approach to analyzing images, this is an attempt to combine the rational and the intuitive

Match the analytical approach to its description:

Cultural- the use of heroes and villans Critical- exploration of the work in context of issues of power Technical- lighting, angle, and composition

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