U.S. History Chapter 6

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One serious economic problem under the Articles of Confederation was:

the differing tariff policies of the states

The 640-acre sections created in the Northwest:

would likely be bought by land speculators

Under the Articles of Confederation western lands would be:

owned by the national government

The Newburgh Conspiracy involved:

a military threat to enlarge congressional powers

On the question of women’s rights, the proposed Constitution:

said nothing

Shays’s Rebellion was led by:

indebted farmers

The United States departed from the colonial policies of Great Britain by:

promising equal statehood to all unsettled western territory

Amendments to the Constitution:

would be proposed by a two-thirds vote of Congress

Shays’s Rebellion:

was repressed by state militia

After the Revolutionary War, American trade with Britain:


America contended with Spain over:

freedom to navigate the Mississippi

Federalist Number 10 explains how a republic can:

be successful in a large, diverse society

The Founding Fathers viewed the most "democratic" branch of the government as the:

House of Representatives

The convention, which assembled in May 1787, was supposed to:

revise the Articles of Confederation

The Federalist argued that:

the size and diversity of the large new country would make it impossible for any one faction to control the government

The Constitution was to be considered ratified as soon as it had been approved by:

nine of the states

At the outset of the Constitutional Convention, whom did the delegates unanimously elect as president of the convention?

George Washington

Which of the following was NOT true of the anti-Federalists after ratification?

They became the founders of the Whig Party.

Under the proposed constitution, members of the Senate would:

be chosen by state legislatures

As the new Constitution went into effect, Founding Fathers like Franklin and Washington viewed its future with feelings of:


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