U.S History- 6.18 Unit Assessment

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Why are the twenties sometimes called an "age of prosperity"?

The GNP rose dramatically and the United States changed from a debtor nation to a creditor nation.

Which was not a limit on post-World War I prosperity?

Assembly line jobs.

Why did the automobile have a major impact on the United States in the twenties?

By the end of the decade, automobile ownership had increased dramatically.

How did technology change American life in the 1920s?

More Americans than ever had access to radios, telephones, electricity, and indoor plumbing.

What 1920s trend favored individual experiences, emotions, and the expression of personal freedom in contrast to an earlier emphasis on consensus and reaction?


Dating, high school activities, and longer school enrollments in the 1920s were all signs of what phenomenon?

Youth culture.

What was the Harlem Renaissance?

An African American cultural movement that included literature, drama, music, art, and dance.

What did nativists and the Ku Klux Klan have in common?

Both objected to immigration and believed in the supremacy of white Protestants.

What brought a ban on the sale of alcohol and an increase in organized crime to the United States during the 1920s?

The 18th Amendment.

What brought the conflict between the teaching of evolution and religious fundamentalism to head?

The Scopes Trial.

What group could be described for the first time in the 1920s with the terms flapper, wage-earner, and voter?


Which policy was common to the Harding, Coolidge and Hoover administrations?

An emphasis on big business and the growth of corporate power.

Which U.S president would disagree with the idea that the president should be a good friend to big business?

Woodrow Wilson.

Which was not one of the cause of the Great Depression?

Excessive income taxes.

What did investors do that helped trigger the stock market crash in 1929?

Bought stock on credit, thinking that prices would continue to rise.

Which was a cause of the Dust Bowl in the Great Plains?

Native grasses were removed to produce wheat, leaving nothing to hold the soil in place.

What pushed Great Plains farmers to leave their lands and migrate to California?

Difficult conditions brought on by a severe drought.

Who were the Okies and what did they do?

Plains farmers and others who migrated west in an effort to escape the drought.

What was one impact of the Depression?

There was a drop in the marriage and birth rates.

What were some signs of the Great Depression in American cities and towns?

Soup kitchens and bank closures.

What did Herbert Hoover believe about government and economics?

Hoover believed in voluntary cooperation between business with little government intervention.

How did Herbert Hoover’s beliefs about business and government affect the economy?

Hoover’s belief in nonintervention kept the government from responding quickly and deepened the depression.

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