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In general, the type of sports and exercise programs in which you can participate is determined by factors out of your control.


Which of the following exercise preferences is NOT influenced by personality?

access to a high-quality exercise facility
comfortable number of participants
level of competition for activities
skill level required for participation

A. access to a high-quality exercise facility

Which of the following is a common precaution for people with known health issues?

avoid exercising alone
loosen stiff joints before exercise
check blood sugar levels often
avoid high-impact activities

A. avoid exercising alone

Our personality tends to shape our exercise habits.


Name two benefits that result from regular exercise.

Some of the many benefits of exercise include improved body composition, lower blood pressure, and lower cholesterol.

Two types of physical activities are exercise programs and sports activities.


Describe the precautions someone with heart disease should observe when exercising.

When exercising, people with heart disease should avoid high-intensity workouts, gradually increase workout intensity, and closely monitor their heart rate.

Explain why it is important for a diabetic to check with a doctor prior to beginning an exercise program.

Diabetics can have rapid fluctuations in blood sugar levels, which can be dangerous. A doctor can help to determine dosage and timing of medicines to help manage diabetes.

Explain in detail how exercise programs and sports activities can differ in number of participants, structure, competition level, and skill level.

Exercise programs and sports activities may consist of one individual or a group of people. They can either be structured and consist of a specific pattern or a set of rules, or be unstructured and flexible. They might be competitive and focus on winning the game or might be performed "just for fun." Some exercise programs and sports activities require participants to have a certain skill or training while others require few technical skills.

Discuss why it is important to evaluate an exercise program in which you want to participate.

It is important to match exercise programs to your goals, interests, and physical limitations.

Why does weight training improve muscular strength more than cardiorespiratory fitness?

Weight training is a targeted exercise program that generally focuses on muscle building exercises, which leads to greater muscle strength. Cardiorespiratory exercises are typically sustained activities that improve, among others, one’s heart and lung functions.

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