Theatre Ch. 9

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Which of the following is NOT an example of asynchronous sound?

A bottle of champagne is opened, and the audience hears a pop as the cork flies across the room.

Which of the following is NOT a function of silence?

It may help an audience anticipate what might happen next in the plot.

Most film sounds are constructed _____.

during postproduction

With regard to sound, what is the crucial difference between sound and silent films?

A sound film can emphasize silence, but a silent film has no option.

What is the difference between diegetic and nondiegetic sound?

Diegetic sound originates from a source within a film’s world; nondiegetic sound comes from outside that world.

Why would filmmakers use the extremes of near silence or shocking loudness in a scene?

To signal something important.

Which of the following does NOT describe a perceptual characteristic of sound?


When is nondiegetic music recorded?

It is recorded at the very end of the editing process so that it can be accurately matched to the images.

Which of the following is NOT a function of asynchronous sound?

It produces spatial awareness.

How do environmental sounds typically function in a film?

they provide information about a film’s setting and action.

Which of the following are excluded from a film’s soundtrack?

A director’s rehearsal notes.

How does the grand operatic music used in the "Helicopter Attack" scene in Apocalypse Now (1979) help to reveal Lieutenant Colonel Kilgore’s character?

It underscores his megalomania.

How does an audience process visual and sound elements in a film?

They can easily differentiate visual elements, while it is more challenging for them to separate sound into its constituent parts.

Which of the following film sounds are typically recorded during production?


What was unusual about the sound production of Citizen Kane?

Music was composed before the rough cut of the film had been assembled.

Which type of film sound tends to dominate most films?

Vocal sounds.

Why is ADR used?

To rerecord sound originally recorded on the set.

What is the principal difference between traditional sound effects and Foley sounds?

Traditional sound effects are created and recorded "wild"; Foley sounds are recorded in sync with the picture.

What made Orson Welles famous overnight?

His 1938 radio production of The War of the Worlds.

How do the following directors use music to enhance the pace of a film?

Tom Tykwer uses techno-music to match the surreal tempo in Run Lola Run (1998).

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