The Reign of Terror-Pre-Test

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Why was King Louis XVI tried for treason?

He wanted France to lose its war against Austria and have his power restored.

After winning power, the Jacobins sought strong leadership to face overwhelming challenges by

deciding to form the Committee of Public Safety.

Although the National Assembly was made up of the Third Estate,

many members still wanted to keep the king involved in government.

For how many years did the Reign of Terror last?


What was a positive result of the Reign of Terror?

Ordinary people won more political rights and freedoms.

What was the major reason radicals were so angry?

Europe wanted to put Louis XVI back in power.

A person forced to leave his or her country is

an exile.

What impact did the French Revolution have on the rest of Europe?

Other European countries declared war on France.

What caused the abolishment of the French monarchy?

the radicals gaining control of the National Convention

The National Assembly dissolved and was replaced by

the National Convention.

Who wanted a limited or constitutional monarchy?

the Conservatives

The revolution grew more violent mainly because radicals reacted to

prices rising to an all-time high.

The National Convention benefited the people and the state by

seizing all church property and giving it to the people and state.

An old problem the National Assembly still faced was

rising debt and poverty.

After winning power, the National Assembly

could not agree on its goals.

Which two factions disagreed on the revolution’s path?

Jacobins and the Conservatives

What happened after the Committee of Public Safety began to fall apart?

Power shifted back to the National Convention.

What is the best description of the Conservatives?

They wanted few changes.

How long does the reign of terror last?

1 year

When was the reign of terror?

july 1793-july 1794

when did the reign of terror begin

july 1793

when did the reign of terror end

july 1794

how many people were killed during reign of teroor


Jacobin set out to

crush all opponents

who was the reign or terror led by?

maximilien robespierre

Revolutionary armies were sent out to bring control back to..

rebellious cities and armies

What happened to rebellious cities and armies?

revolutionary armies were sent to control them

did the revolutionary armies show mercy?


Ruthless ways to kill:

guillotine and grapheshot

How did revolutionary armies show no mercy?

ruthless ways to kill

What is a grapeshot?

cluster of small iron balls


place with most violence

What was the most violent rev. army vs rebellious city?


How were people killed at Nantes?

being sunk by barges in a river

Where people people sunk by barges in a river?


what percent of the victims were clergy and nobles?


15% of the victims were…

clergy and nobles

who promised that the violence and bloodshed was temporary

national convention an the committee of public safety

what did the national convention and committee of public safety promise?

that the violence and bloodshed was temporary and a "Republic of Virtue" would follow

What was the republic or virtue?

wanted good citizens, dechristization, abolish slavery, education for all ( not implemented everywhere)

1st thing included in republic of virtue

good citizens

2nd thing included in republic of virtue


3rd thing included in republic of virtue

abolish slavery

4th thing included in republic of virtue

education for all

when did the Jacobin decline?

after robespierre’s death

what happened after death of robespierre?

decline of jacobin

how did robespierre die?

by guillotine

why did he die by guillotine?

members of the national convention who feared him decided to act and they got enough votes

the jacobins controlled

national convention and committee of public safety

who was in control of the national convetion and the committee of public safety?


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