The Importance of Trees

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Approximately how many plant made pharmaceuticals are currently under different stages of discovery?

c. 300

How has human use of trees had both a positive and negative impact?

Humans have impacted the biodiversity of trees both negatively and positively. Urbanization has led to the decrease of biodiversity through deforestation. Pollution has also decreased biodiversity. Genetic engineering has led to an increase in biodiversity. Cutting down entire regions of trees for product use is another negative impact of human activity on trees. Humans cultivate trees for harvesting fruit, nuts, and other products as well, which increases the populations of those specific trees.

Explain how trees help maintain air quality.

Trees help maintain air quality by removing particles from the air. Trees remove a significant amount of carbon dioxide from the air. They also remove ozone and particulates that accumulate in the air. In addition to removing these particles, trees release oxygen back into the air. By removing carbon dioxide and returning oxygen, trees help maintain the balance between these gases in the atmosphere, replenishing the oxygen removed by organisms and removing the carbon dioxide released by organisms.

What percent of the trees cut down are used for something other than paper?

d. 65%

How do trees improve water quality?

b. Water is filtered as it passes through the root systems of trees.

Compare the relationship of trees with other plants and with insects.

Trees can provide a habitat for insects and for other plants as well. In some cases, the insects and the plants can have a negative impact on the health of a tree. In other cases, the tree may be unaffected by the presence of the plant or tree. Insects can be beneficial to trees as well. Some species of trees rely on insects for pollination.

Every year one hundred trees remove approximately _______ from the atmosphere.

d. all of the above

Arboreal animals are animals that _______.

b. live in trees

Which of the following statements about human impact on trees is true?

c. Human activity has had both a positive and negative impact on trees.

Explain how biopharmaceuticals can be created using plants.

Biopharmaceuticals are produced by using genetically engineered plants. These plants are engineered to produce particular proteins that are then used in specific types of medicines. This is different from pharmaceuticals that are derived directly from plants, such as medicine that is obtained from the bark of certain trees.

Trees are important in maintaining air quality, because they act like a filter, drawing particles from the air.


Mammals use trees for both food and shelter.


Which of the following is not a way in which trees benefit the environment?

b. They remove a significant amount of oxygen from the atmosphere.

The most common fiber used to make paper is _______.

b. wood

The fruit of trees is the only part that is used by humans for food.


Why are biopharmaceuticals in high demand?

Not (d. All of the above)

Human impact on trees has been completely negative.


Which of the following organisms is the most harmful to the tree it grows on?

a. strangler fig

Which of the following is not released by trees into the atmosphere?

c. ozone

How does the relationship between flying dragons and trees compare to that of iguanas and trees?

Not (c. Flying dragons use trees for shelter, but not for food, while iguanas rely on trees for food but not for shelter.) (d. Flying dragons and iguanas have an identical relationship with trees.)

Mycorrhizal fungi are _______.

a. mutualistic root-dwelling fungi that help plants obtain more water and nutrients.

Which of the following is a way that trees have been negatively impacted by human use?

d. all of the above

Which of the following is the best reason that trees are important for overall air quality?

a. Trees help provide a balance in components of the atmosphere.

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