The immune system

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What do saliva, tears, and nasal mucus have in common?

NOT:All are part of the complement system.

What is the difference between B-cell lymphocytes and T-cell lymphocytes?

B cells produce antibodies, and T cells destroy infected cells.

A person who has a weakened immune system may not be able to fight against infection because

pathogens may enter the body and cause illness.

Which type of barrier are coughing and sneezing?


Which is an effect of a compromised immune system?

decreased antibody production

Which are the physical (P), chemical (C), and biological (B) immune responses?

P: coughing; C: saliva; B: complement system

Lupus, a condition in which the body attacks its own cells, is an example of

an autoimmune disorder.

How does fever indicate that your body’s immune system is doing its job?

Fever raises the body’s temperature to destroy harmful substances.

A few mold spores land on the skin but do not survive due to the lack of moisture and the presence of oxygen. These spores have been prevented from harming the body by which type of barrier?


A new herbal supplement is on the market that claims to build immunity and prevent illness. The best response to this claim is to:

research the information using several sources before taking the supplement.

How does inflammation help the body fight off further infection?

NOT:Inflammation triggers the production of white blood cells.

A person who has allergies has a compromised immune system because the body’s immune system:

overreacts to an antigen.

One function of the immune system is to attack the foreign cells to protect the body. In organ transplants, the body recognizes that the new organ is made of foreign cells. What kind of medicine would you give a patient to increase the chances of transplant success?

NOT:Medicine that allows the immune system to regulate nerve responses.

Why is the action of phagocytes considered a nonspecific response?

It is a response to any type of harmful substance.

Vaccination is a process of injecting a dead or weakened form of a germ into the body. How does this help strengthen the immune system?

It allows the body to keep germ information for future infections.

How does fever indicate that your body’s immune system is doing its job?

Fever raises the body’s temperature to destroy harmful substances.

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