The Bush Presidency

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Why was Saudi Arabia fearful of Iraq in 1990?

Iraq had moved troops into Saudi Arabia’s neighbor, Kuwait.

This graph shows changes to the national debt. During George H. W. Bush’s presidency, the national debt rose

from about 1,000,000 million dollars to nearly 5,000,000 million dollars.

What was the outcome of the US attack on Iraq in 1991?

Iraq was forced to accept the UN’s cease-fire terms.

A reason President Bush’s approval rating fell at the end of his presidency was that he

broke a promise not to add taxes.

President Bush became unpopular because

a recession lead to higher unemployment.

The environmental legislation signed by President Bush in 1990

set stricter standards on pollution from factories.

In the 1980s, President Bush proposed legislation to save the banking industry that would cost taxpayers

billions of dollars.

To stop Iraq in 1991, President Bush worked with

the United Nations.

Growing US debt, higher oil prices, rising unemployment, and other challenges in the 1990s caused

an economic recession.

What led to the Los Angeles riots in 1992?

Police officers were found not guilty in the Rodney King case.

The goal of President Bush’s Americans with Disabilities Act was to

give people with disabilities access to public buildings.

A result of the Los Angeles riots was that

many people were injured or killed.

Which was a requirement of the Clean Air Act?

Cleaner-burning gas had to be used in cars.

Which best describes the US invasion of Panama?

It was successful because President Noriega surrendered after one month.

The Savings and Loan Crisis in the 1980s was a result of

the number of failing banks.

To comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act,

public buildings had to build ramps.

Why did UN coalition troops battle Iraqi forces in 1991?

Iraq had invaded Kuwait, which was a major source of the world’s oil.

The United States began to bomb Iraq in 1991 in an operation called

Desert Storm

What happened when the oil tanker Exxon Valdez struck a reef on the Alaskan coast?

millions of gallons of oil spilled

President Bush reacted to the Los Angeles riots by

sending US troops to restore order

To pay the government’s debt, President George H. W. Bush decided to

Increase federal taxes

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