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Extension Magnet

You are removing screws within a computer, but several have fallen into places you can’t reach. Which tool would help retrieve the small spoons?

DC volts

You suspect that the power supply in your desktop PC is failing. You want to use a multimeter to test the power supply. Which multimeter setting should you use?

Loopback plug

A printer is behaving erratically and you suspect a faulty parallel port. Which tool can you use to test the parallel port?

Loopback plug

Your workstation is unable to communicate with any other computer on the network. Which of the following tools should you use to test the ability of the network card to send and receive signals?

Power supply tester

Which of the following tools is specifically designed to test the DC voltage on a hard disk drive power connector?


Which tool would you use to measure electrical properties such as voltage, amps, and resistance?

Cable tester

You have a network port in an office that connects to the server room using walls strung through the ceiling. Which tool would you use to verify a signal can be sent from one end to the other?


Recently your laptop doesn’t power on and the battery is not charging. You suspect the block on the power cord (also known as a brick) no longer works. Which tool will help you troubleshoot this problem?

3-prong holder

Which tool would you use to grab and life small objects?

Anti-static wrist strap

Which of the following protects a computer system from electrostatic discharge?

IC extractor

Which tool would be the best choice to remove and replace the motherboard BIOS chip?

Testing ports by returning output signals as input.

What are loopback plugs used for?

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