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Which LCD component is used to illuminate a notebook computer’s display?


A user reports that he can’t browse to a specific Web site on the Internet. From his computer, you find that a ping test to the Web server succeeds. A trace route test shows 17 hops to the destination Web server. What is the most likely cause of the problem?

Incorrect DNS server address

One of the programs that launches automatically at startup is causing your Windows workstation to lock up. You have examined the Startup folder, and the problem application is not present. Which utility should you use to prevent the program from starting automatically?


Your computer currently runs Windows 7 Enterprise edition. You want to create a RAID 10 array using four newly-installed SATA disks. When you go to Disk Management, the option to create the RAID 10 array is not available. What should you do?

Install an add-on RAID controller

You have connected two drives to the primary IDE interface in a PC system. How could the drives be configures? (select two)

1) Set both drives to Cable Select 2) Set one drive to Master and the other to Slave

You have a desktop computer that uses a 250 Watt power supply. You recently added a 4-disk RAID10 array to the system and now it spontaneously shuts down. What should you do?

Upgrade to a power supply that provides more watts

You are responsible for managing the client workstations at your computer. A user in the conference room called concerning the digital projector and display issues when the projector is connected to his laptop. After identifying the cause and completely resolving the issue, the projector displays the images perfectly both on his laptop and on the projector. What should you do next?

Document the solution

You have a custom database application that your company has been using for several years. The application works fine on all of your Windows XP systems. You have just purchased a new Windows 7 system for one of your sales team members. You make this user a member of the Users group on the local system. You install the custom application successfully. When the sales person logs on and tries to run the application, the program splash screen loads but then seems to hang. What should you do first?

Grant the user permissions to the directories and files used by the application.

What is a recovery partition?

A partition created by the computer manufacturer to restore the system to its original state

A user in sales cannot get his laptop to display through a projector. He sees the screen output on the built-in LCD display, but the video is not being seen on the projector. What should you do first?

Use the Fn key to redirect display to the external video port

Which of the following tools is specifically designed to test the DC voltage on a HDD power connector?

Power supply tester

On a Windows system, which Task Manager tab would you use to adjust the priority given to a specific program?


After removing the printed paper from your laser printer, the toner smudges and can be wiped off in places. Which of the following is most likely the problem?

Fuser rollers

The video driver on your Windows 7 computer is preventing the system from starting up successfully. You have already downloaded an updated driver and copied it to the computer’s HDD. Which mode should you select from the Windows Advanced Boot Options menu that would most likely allow you to start the computer to continue fixing the problem?

Enable VGA Mode

Which tool would be the best choice to remove and replace the motherboard BIOS chip?

IC extractor

Which utility can be used to view when a service was stopped as well as any error messages generated by the service?

Event Viewer

You have added a new 1 TB HDD to a windows computer. The disk is configured as a basic disk. Which of the following can be configured on this disk? (select two)

1) Primary partitions 2) Extended partitions with logical drives

You’re troubleshooting a computer running Windows 7. The OS has halted and a blue screen has been displayed on the monitor with an error message. What is the first step you should take in troubleshooting the issue?

Search for the error in Microsoft’s knowledgebase or in a search engine on the Internet

Which of the following identify the key differences between a worm and a virus? (select two)

1) Worms independently replicate themselves 2) A virus relies on a host for replication

Which of the following protects a computer from electrostatic discharge?

Anti-static wrist strap

You have purchased an LED monitor and connected it to the DVI-I port using a DVI-D cable. You configure the screen resolution to 1440 x 900 with 24-bit color. The screen display seems to be fuzzy. What should you do to correct the problem?

Change the screen resolution to the native resolution of the monitor

In which of the following situations would restoring from a backup be the best option? (select two)

1) You accidentally deleted several important e-mails from Outlook and need to restore them. 2) You need to restore several word processing files that were accidentally deleted from My Documents

Your laptop carrying case is designed from a 15-inch laptop, yet you think you can squeeze your 16-inch laptop into it. Before slipping the laptop into the case, what should you do first?

Remove any ExpressCards from their slots

You have a small wireless network with less than 50 client computers. You upgrade the hardware on two wireless devices so you can use a better security standard than WEP. Now you need to implement the new security standard. You need the greatest amount of security with the least amount of effort, and without replacing any of the wireless infrastructure. What should you do? (select two)

1) Implement WPA2-AES 2) Configure each client with the same key

You’re conducting scheduled maintenance on a laser printer. You notice that there is a build-up of excess toner inside the interior of the printer. Which of the following is the proper way to remove it?

Use an anti-static vacuum

You’re troubleshooting a malfunctioning notebook computer. Nothing appears on the LCD display when the system is powered on. What is the first thing you should do?

Plug in an external monitor

You have a compiler that compiles applications used in your business. You want to make sure that the compiler continues to run in the background, even if yo open the other applications. How can you adjust the amount of attention given to that application?

Use Task Manager to adjust the process priority

Several employees have forwarded you an e-mail indicating that your company’s health insurance provider has just launched a new benefits management Web site that all employees must start using. The employees are told in the e-mail to click a link to access the site. Once there, they are required to provide their SSN. However, you have discovered that your company’s insurance provider did not send this e-mail. What kind of attack just occurred?


A user sends a print job to a network printer and it prints page after page of random characters. He calls the help desk and a technician discovers that somehow the wrong printer driver has been loaded on the user’s workstation. The technician loads the driver, verifies that the system works correctly, and documents the solution. What else should she do?

Educate the user as to how the problem was resolved and verify that they are satisfied with the results

While browsing the Internet, the Internet Explorer browser window hangs and stops responding. Which Task Manager tab would you use to end Internet Explorer? (select two)

1) Processes 2) Applications

You have just installed a new hardware device, upgraded the driver, and installed the custom software that came with the device. Now you can’t get the device to work. What should you do first?

Run any diagnostic software that came with the device

When would you use the degauss feature on a CRT monitor? (select two)

1) The monitor displays strange colors 2) The monitor displays distorted images

You have just finished upgrading the CPU in your desktop system. After running the system for about 15 minutes, the system spontaneously shuts down. What should you do first to troubleshoot the problem? (select two)

1) Check the CPU fan power 2) Check the thermal shutdown threshold in the BIOS

You recently upgraded a client’s older workstation from Windows XP to Windows 7. The client has called to complain that the new interface is very slow. For example, after clicking the Start button, the Start Menu slowly appears on the screen. How can you fix this problem? (select two)

1) Set the visual effects for Best Performance 2) upgrade the video board installed in the system

Given that your Windows workstation has Automatic Private IP Addressing (APIPA) implemented using default settings, which of the following TCP/IP addresses could be automatically assigned to the system should your DHCP server go down or become inaccessible?

You have physically installed a new HDD in your computer and configured the disk in the BIOS using the CMOS setup program. You try to access the HDD in Windows Explorer but the drive is not displayed. Which utility will you most likely use to solve the problem?

Disk Management

What are lookback plugs used for?

Testing ports by returning output signals as input

Mary reports that an application’s shortcut icon no longer launches the application. You check the documentation and find that you installed a new HDD in her computer. What should you do first so Mary can run the application?

Check the shortcut properties to make sure it is pointing to the correct file location

You have just installed a new USB card reader in your Windows computer. Every time you perform a certain action using the card reader, you get an error message that you’ve never seen before. What should you do first?

Check the manufacturer’s Web site for information about the error

In which of the following situations would restoring from a system image be the best option?

You need to restore a Windows system after a HDD failure

You have just finished installing a new SATA HDD in your computer. Now, your SATA DVD drive won’t work. What should you do first? (select two)

1) Make sure that the DVD SATA cable is connected 2) Make sure that the DVD power cable is connected

All members of the Sales team use laptop computers while traveling to connect to the Internet. Each laptop has a built-in wireless NIC that supports 802.11b/g/n. You have trained each user to be able to create new wireless connections in order to connect to wireless networks in airports and hotels. You get a call from one user staring that her wireless connection no longer works. She has checked the wireless configuration and she knows it to be correct because other sales people at the same location are able to connect. What should you do first?

Have her verify that the wireless card’s hardware switch is on the On position

You have been asked to implement a RAID 10 solution for a video editor’s desktop workstation. What is the minimum number of HDDs that can be used to configure RAID 10


You’re configuring devices on a SCSI bus. You’ve installed a SCSI adapter in an expansion slot. You’ve connected a SCSI HDD (sd0) to one of the middle connectors on the internal SCSI ribbon cable. The end connector on the internal SCSI ribbon cable is connected to the SCSI DVD drive. Where should termination be enabled on this bus? (select two)

1) On the SCSI adapter 2) On the DVD drive

You have a Windows Vista computer that was recently upgraded from Windows XP. One application worked fine in Windows XP, but now does not run in Windows Vista. You have checked the application vendor’s Web site but there is no update available. What should you try next to run the application?

Run the application in Compatibility mode

You are the administrator for your company and have been asked to get the company accounting program installed on some new Windows 7 laptops. When you install this software on the new PCs, you discover that it will not run because User Account Control (UAC) keeps causing it to fail. Because the accounting program was designed by the company and it will not be upgraded anytime soon, you must get it to work as is with the UAC. What can you do to get the application to work with UAC?

Alter the program settings to Run This Program As An Administrator

You are designing an update to your client’s wireless network. The existing wireless network uses 802.11b equipment, which your client complains runs too slowly. She wants to upgrade the network to run at 150 Mbps. Due to budget constraints, your client wants to upgrade only the wireless access points in the network this year. Next year, she will upgrade the wireless network boards in her users’ workstations. She has also indicated that the system must continue to function during the transition period. Which 802.11 standard will work best in this situation?


While troubleshooting a network issue, you successfully ping the IP address. Which of the following is true?

The TCP/IP protocol suite is working correctly on this computer

Which of the following paper types should not be used in Inkjet printers?

Very glossy paper

Your motherboard has two memory slots and supports a maximum of 8 GB of RAM. After installing two 4 GB modules and booting your system, you find that Windows only recognizes 3.5 GB of RAM. What should you do first?

Upgrade to a 64-bit version of Windows

Rodney, a user in the research department, reports that he is getting STOP errors while using his Windows XP computer. You ask Rodney if anything has changed recently on the computer. Rodney explains that he ran the installation program for his PDA and everything worked fine until he tried to hot sync. Now any time he hot syncs, he has to reboot the computer. You need to fix Rodney’s computer and prevent Rodney from using the PDA until you can install an update driver. What should you do?

Reboot the system in Safe Mode. Disable the PDA’s driver in Device Manager

Which utility would you use to view current connections and active sessions and ports on a computer?


While working on your Windows 7 system, the system encounters a critical error. For a brief second you see the Blue Screen indicating the error. Before you can read the error, however, the system reboots. After rebooting and logging back on, the same thing happens again. What should you do so that you can read the error message next time it happens without the system rebooting?

Reboot the system, Press F8 and disable the automatic restart feature

You are responsible for managing client workstations for your company. A user is unable to access data on an external HDD. You investigate the problem and determine that the US connection to the HDD is damaged. You replace the cable. What should you do next?

Verify full system functionality

You’re attempting to diagnose a problem with a notebook computer. The user reports that it displayed a message that the batter was low, then it shut down by itself even though it was plugged into a wall outlet. You’ve checked the AC adapter and found that the LED light it lit when plugged into a wall outlet. What should you do next? (select two)

1) Verify that the power LED on the notebook computer is lit when plugged into the wall outlet 2) Verify that the AC adapter produces the correct DC voltage for the notebook computer

Which wireless standard has the highest data transfer rates?


You have just installed a new device in your Windows computer. After installation, you can’t use the device. You checked in Device Manager and find that an icon for the device with a yellow exclamation mark over it. What should you do?

Download the latest driver from the manufacturer’s Web site

You want to scan your system for changed system files and automatically revert to previous versions for any file that has been altered. You want the scan to run once the next time the system boots. Which command should you use?

sfc /scanonce

You are responsible for managing client workstations for your company. A user reports that she can’t turn her computer on. After some investigation, you find that the power supply is malfunctioning. What should you do next?

Create an action plan

You are responsible for managing client workstations for your company. A frantic user calls you one morning claiming that "nothing is working". What should you do first in your troubleshooting strategy?

Identify the problem

A user reports that they are unable to access their Firewire drive after moving the PC from beneath the desk to the top of the desk. What is the most likely cause of this problem?

Card is not seated properly

Which of the following represents the correct boot sequence in Windows XP after the BIOS has passed control over to the NTLRDR?


What should you do (if possible) before flashing the BIOS? (select two)

1) Connect the computer to an UPS 2) Backup CMOS settings

A user is trying to log into Windows on her notebook computer. She enters the correct password for her user account, but the system won’t let her authenticate, claiming the wrong password has been entered. What’s causing the problem?

She has turned Num Lock on causing numbers to be sent from the keyboard instead of letters

A user has called to complain that her computer won’t boot. It stops at the BIOS startup screen right after the memory has been tested and displays a 301 keyboard error. What should you do first?

Verify that no keys are being pressed down during POST

Greg, a graphic artist, installs a new art application on his Windows 7 computer. The application prompts Greg to install an updated video driver, which is unsigned. Greg accepts the unsigned driver and completes the installation. Greg uses the system for several days, and then reports that his display doesn’t seem to refresh properly under some conditions. You want to configure Greg’s computer to use the previous video driver until the manufacturer provides a signed driver, but he still needs to be able to use the application he installed. What should you do?

Boot the system into Safe Mode. Open Device Manager and select the video driver. Open the driver’s properties and select Roll Back Driver

You are testing the power supply in a PC system by measuring the voltage available on the 4-pin Molex connector. The voltage on the yellow wire is +10.1 volts. What should you do?

Replace the power supply

Which of the following conditions would typically result in replacing the drum on a laser printer?

Spots at regular intervals on the page

You have a Windows 7 system with two SATA HDDs, one used for the OS and the other used for data. You have traced recent problems to a fault in the system motherboard. You replaced the motherboard and reconnected all hardware. When you start the computer, the system shows the BIOS information screen, but then returns an error that an OS could not be found. What should you do?

Change the boot order in the BIOS

You have just finished upgrading the 250 W power supply in your desktop computer to a 450 W power supply. Now the BIOS doesn’t recognize one of the HDDs in the system during post. What should you do?

Make sure that the HDD is connected to the power supply

Your laser printer prints a vertical line on every page. You change the toner cartridge but the problem does not go away. What is the most likely problem?

A corona wire is dirty

After arriving early this morning, you turn off your computer to begin your work. Instantly you see smoke and smell a strange odor coming from the computer. What should you do?

Shut off the system immediately

Which term refers to a situation where two files try to claim the same cluster on the HDD?

Cross-linked clusters

You have just installed a new device in your Windows 7 computer using the device’s installation disc and the included drivers. After installation, the system crashes when you try to use the device. What should you do?

Download the latest driver from the manufacturer’s Web site

You are troubleshooting a network communication problem to the www.widgets.com server. Which of the following will give you the IP address of that server? (select two)

1) nslookup www.widgets.com 2) ping www.widgets.com

Which of the following utilities would you use to correct cross-linked clusters within the file system on a Windows workstation?


Which of the following tools can you use to start the Print Spooler service if it is currently stopped? (select two)

1) Net start 2) Services console

Lately your computer is spontaneously shutting down after only a few minutes of use. What is the most likely cause? (select two)

1) Cooling fans clogged with dust 2) Overheating CPU

Your manager has been using the same laptop computer without error for four years. Suddenly, the computer will not start and run correctly. What should you do to isolate the problem?

Remove the batteries and attempt to run the computer from a wall outlet

You are testing the power supply in a PC system by measuring the voltage available on the 4-pin Molex connector. The voltage on the red wire is +5.1 volts. What should you do?

Nothing, the power supply is working normally

You have booted your Windows 7 workstation into Safe Mode and enabled Boot Logging. To which log file is the boot logging information now being written?


You are responsible for managing client workstations for your company. A user reports that he can’t send print jobs to a specif c printer. You go to the user’s computer and reproduces the problem. What should you do next?

Determine if anything has changed

One day while trying to start your Windows XP computer, the system displays the following error:

Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt: Windows\system32\ntoskrnl.exe. Please re-install a copy of the above file.

The problem occurs immediately after the OS loading message. You are unable to boot into Safe Mode. Which of the following will most likely fix the problem? (select two)

1) Boot into the recovery console and runbootcfg /rebuild 2) Boot into the recovery console and perform an automatic OS scan and repair

When running a program on a Windows system, you get an error message indicating that a specific file (not the .exe file) cannot be located. What should you try first to fix the problem?

Check the working (Start In) directory identified in the shortcut

Which techniques are used in a pharming attack to redirect legitimate Web traffic to malicious Web sites? (select two)

1) Exploiding DHCP servers to deliver the IP address of poisoned DNS servers 2) Changing the hosts file on a user’s computer

One day while trying to start your Windows XP computer, the system displays the following error:

Invalid partition table.

Which of the following will most likely fix the problem?

Boot into the recovery console and run the fixmbr command on the boot volume

You are removing screws within a computer, but several have fallen into places you can’t reach. Which tool would help retrieve the small screws?

Extension magnet

The video driver on your Windows 7 computer is preventing the system from starting up successfully. You have already downloaded an updated driver and copied it to the computer’s HDD. Which mode should you select from the Windows Advanced Boot Options menu to ensure that the system can complete the boot process?

Safe Mode

While answering Help Desk calls, a field customer calls and complains that he cannot print to a workgroup laser printer. Which of the following should be the first question you ask?

Have you ever printed to that printer

Which of the following tools allow for remote management of servers? (select two)

1) Telnet 2) SSH

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