Stalin and the Soviet Union

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In addition to factory work, many women in the USSR were employed

in healthcare and education.

Altering photographs was part of Joseph Stalin’s effort to

change historical facts.

By 1935 the proportion of women workers in the USSR’s workforce was ____ in every five.


What is a collective farm?

a communist farm

The "Young Pioneers" was the name of

a communist youth organization.

What was Joseph Stalin’s goal in creating a command economy?

to outproduce capitalist nations

Joseph Stalin believed he needed absolute authority in the USSR in order to

unite the country and make it strong.

If the USSR’s economy had remained agriculture-based rather than industrialized, then

women would have been much less in demand in the workforce.

What motivated Joseph Stalin to persecute writers, scholars, and scientists?

Stalin feared they might spread ideas that went against the Soviet government.

Why did the transition to collectivization result in widespread starvation?

Peasants were not allowed to keep food until they met government quotas.

The was part of Stalin’s secret police force.


Joseph Stalin placed a high value on motherhood because he

wanted women to produce more workers.

What was the main reason Joseph Stalin created collective farms?

Soviet farms were old-fashioned and inefficient.

Under Joseph Stalin, schools were reformed primarily to emphasize

Soviet ideology.

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