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What are the four steps to the briefing process?

Analyze, construct, deliver, follow up

Which of the following includes steps followed by the construct a briefing stage?

Collecting material, select visual aids, arrange key points, establish wording

When delivering a briefing, volume and rate are classified under which area of consideration?

Verbal consideration

Motivation theory identifies which three needs as having special relevance for management?

External motivation, social pressure, self motivation

The possession of control, authority, or influence over others is the definition for which term?


What are the stages of team formation?

Forming, storming, norming, and performing

Which rehearsal is used to determine how a subordinate leader intends to accomplish the mission?

The back brief

Which rehearsal produces the most detailed understanding of the mission?

Full dress rehearsal, terrain model

While rehearsing, I will placed observer can compromise the entire operation. Which site placement criterion considers this concern?


Which property would be classified as expendable?


What type of responsibility obliges a soldier to exercise reasonable and prudent actions to properly care for and provide proper custody and safekeeping for property in storage awaiting issue?

Custodial responsibility

At which level does conflict occur between individuals who have some sort of relationship?

Level two

Which conflict management method requires all parties in a conflict situation to recognize the legitimate abilities and expertise of others in the process of resolution?

Integration and collaboration

What is the main goal of a six sigma implementation?

Continuous improvement

Which time is defined as an item or feature for which a customer is willing to pay?


Which of the following is a liability of the six Sigma process?

It may require a culture change within the organization

Which tool is most commonly used in the standard improvement model DMAIC, define phase?

Time Value

During which phase of the DMAIC is the sole purpose to demonstrate, with facts and data, that’s your solutions solve the problem?


Which principle of joint operations purpose is to concentrate the effects of combat power at the most advantageous place and time to produce decisive results?


Support Army forces response to disaster or a damaging attack on the homeland, is governed by policies issued by which of the following?

The federal government

All functions in the department of defense and its component agencies are performed under the authority, direction, and control of which of the following?

The secretary of defense

Which of the following is a military courtesy?

Never criticize the army or leader in public

Which of the following is a qualification that all recruiters must have?

High moral character

The strength management program of the National Guard recruiting and retention mission includes how many basic tenets?

9 basic tenets

National Guard coding and retention NCO duties include which of the following?

Prepare prior service and non prior service enlistment packets in the army recruiting information support system

Which of the following groups is eligible to receive casualty assistance?

What is included in phase 1 of casualty assistance?

Follow up visits

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