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~No system
~Multi system
~one sytem

~how far away from work do you live? ~what is the best way to increase productivity?where would you like to go for lunch? ~

References for writing an SOP can include all o the following except?

Lesson Plan Outlines

Annexes do what?

Explain a particular area in greater detail

A well written SOP will provide the Soldier with ___ in the absence of leadership?


Which of the following about a tactical SOP are true?

~May be distributed to the outside support elements ~not all information in the SOP pertain to the outside support

Which of the following could be reasonably expected to cause serious damage to national security?


Which of the following could be reasonably expected to cause exceptional grave damage to national security?

Top Secret

The Platoon Sergeants were asked by the First Sergeant to provide input. Is this sentence Active or Passive?


SPC Johnson fired marksman at the range. Is this sentence Active or Passive?


CPL Madison is being taken to the Motor Pool by SGT Preston. Is this sentence Active or Passive?


Why do some installations prohibit copying the SOP onto a disk?

CDs or other devices may infect the computer

If an outside source requires a copy of the SOP, what ensures proper receipt?

Deliver the SOP to the appropriate official

The final SOP should be approved by ?

The individual who wrote it, and signed

When the SOP is an annex to a higher-level document, the close contains the signature of the authenticating officer of the responsible staff element. In this case, whose signature is not required?

The signature of the commander

SOP’s should be reviewed by?

One or more individuals with proper training and experience in the subject

The majority of leader development occurs in

Operational assignments


~Create mental picture ~Facilitate a shared understanding ~Oversee and adjust ~Read and understand operations ~Understand the unit’s mission ~Have knowledge

___ lead and assess training to ensure it is mission focused and meets standards

Unit commanders

The desired level of task proficiency is ___


Training on stewardship of Army resources falls under which of these principles of unit training?

Train to maintain

~Lead by example
~Develop Subordinate
~Create a learning environment
~Train leaders in the Art
~Train leaders to think

~Good leaders understand ~Counsel all subordinates ~Learning comes from experiencing ~Encourage risk-taking ~The Army develops

~Receive the mission
~Issue a warning order
~Make a tentative plan
~Initiate movement

~Leaders perform an initial ~Leaders provide subordinates ~Leaders develop a COA ~The commander

~Conduct recon
~Complete the plan
~Issue the Order
~Supervise and Refine

~Ensure units have required ~Make final updates ~If necessary ~Training meetings

The steps in the operations process are

~plan ~prepare ~execute ~assess

For brigade and higher units, ___ standardizes MELTs for like-type units.

Department of the Army

The ___ is a comprehensive listing of Army tactical-level collective tasks and functions for tactical units and staffs.


___ provide task-based event-driven strategies for training units.


The ___ web portal provides access to the DoD Dictionary, Joint Publications, Key Doctrine Elements, Joint Lessons Learned, the Universal Joint Task List, and many other resources.


The HQDA METL Viewer provides an easy way to view ___ and higher level HQDA standardized METLs


A standardized METL consists of

~Supporting collective tasks ~Mission Essential tasks ~Task groups

What is the recommended number of METs a unit should train on?

five or six

After a unit commander gains higher commander approval of the unit METL, it is published in


Which command do you give to assemble the platoon in a normal interval formation


What are the commands to align the platoon in column?


After the platoon has counted off, the platoon sergeant commands

Open ranks, MARCH

You command "PRIVATE JONES, FORWARD 2 INCHES." Which of the following statements best describes your actions?

Aligning the squad

After you give the command "FORWARD, MARCH" you direct the platoon 45 degrees to the right to steer them out of the motor pool. Which command do you give?

column half-right, march

You (the PSG) are marching with the platoon, in a column formation, without the platoon leader, and calling cadence. Where do you position yourself?

centered on the platoon

Which command could you give to march your platoon in the opposite (reverse) direction with the squad leaders at the head if their squads?

counter column, march

As the platoon approaches the theater, you decide to execute a counter-column in order to reduce the amount of time the platoon will hold up vehicular traffic. Which foot do you five the preparatory command and command of execution on?

left; left

You then give the command of "LEFT FLANK, MARCH" to move the platoon into an open field away from the parking lot. Upon which foot are flanking commands given?

flanking commands are given as the foot in the desired direction strikes the marching surface

Your company will march to the rehearsal site in company mass of four columns. What is the command given by the lead PSG after the platoons in column have been faced to the right and you are given the directive "CLOSE ON THE LEADING PLATOON"


As you are marching onto the field (in column of platoons) at the rehearsal site, that the distance between the platoons exceed the standard five steps due to the terrain. Therefore, the 1SG directs to "CORRECT ON LEADING PLATOON." What is the command given by the lead PSG?

half-step, march

At the rehearsal site the first sergeant instructs you to form the platoons into company mass from the platoons in column. The company is already at a close interval. What command do you give?

company mass left, march

The company has formed in a mass formation. The 1SG commands "AT CLOSE INTERVAL DRESS RIGHT, DRESS" Which PSG verifies the alignment of the ranks?

platoon sergeant right platoon

Before you address the platoon you ask your platoon leader if he has anything for the platoon. Your platoon leader moves forward and assumes command of the platoon. After his remarks he commands "PLATOON SERGEANT." You face to the ___ in marching and incline around the ___ ___.

right; squad leader(s)

You reach the front of the platoon to assume command of the platoon. How many steps do you halt in front and centered on the platoon leader?


When the company is dismissed by the first sergeant, the first sergeant commands,

take charge of your platoons

Which of the following is considered an inadequate diet due to lack of essential vitamins and minerals?

iron deficiency

which of the following kills over 12 million people world wide every year?

high blood pressure

which of the following is considered to be prevalent in developing nations?


which of the following are considered to be a contributor of heart disease or stroke?

~tobacco consumption ~high blood pressure ~alcohol consumption high cholesterol

The large influx of Western lifestyle in developing nations has increased the risk of ___ in developing nations

high cholesterol

Hepatisis means

Inflammation of the liver

Lassa fever is transmitted to humans from contact with food or household items contaminated with which of the following?

rodent excreta

The most common mosquito borne viral disease to humans is the

Dengue Fever

An influenza pandemic occurs when a new influenza virus appears against which the human population has no___


When was the Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever first described?


Which of the following is an approved water purification procedure?

~Iodine tablets for canteens ~Calcium hypochlorite to disinfect bulk water supplies ~Chlorination kit for personal hydration systems

What are the raw water sources?

surface, ground, rain, ice, snow, seawater

Which definition best describes water disinfection?

Disinfection is a water treatment process…

A minimum contact time of ___ is required for water disinfection using iodine tablets.

30 minutes

During WWII, it became apparent that more action was needed at the unit level to counter the medical threat. In response the concept of ___ was developed

Field Sanitation Team

Which is not one of the 8 threats to field forces?

Personal hygiene

Unwashed clothing worn for prolonged periods of time and unwashed hair can provide a fertile environment for ___


Regular showering is important because a clean body is less susceptible to___


How many listed threat categories are there to field forces?


Which is not one of the 8 threats to field forces?


Critical thinking is the art of ___ and ___ thinking with a view to improving it.

~analyzing ~evaluating

A well-cultivated critical thinker has which of the following traits?

~raises vital questions and problems ~comes to well-reasoned conclusions and solutions ~communicates effectively with others ~thinks open mindedly within alternative systems of thought

Which element of the critical thinking model is represented by empathy?

point of view

Which of the following is an intellectual act in which we conclude something based on a perception as to how the facts and evidence of a situation fit together?


Understanding the short-term consequences of accepting inferences describes which part of the critical thinking model?


Which of these are characteristics of highest order thinking?

~consistently fair ~highest skill level ~routine use of critical thinking tools…

"Lacks critical thinking vocabulary" describes which level of thinking?

higher order

"frequently relies on gut intuition" is an element of ___ thinking.

lower order

A ___ question cannot be assessed.

no system

Which question type results in better and worse answers?


Which question type has only one right answer?

one system

~no system
~multi system
~one system

~where would you like to go for lunch? ~what is the best way to increase productivity? ~how far away from work do you live?

Which of the following actions are completed in the first step of the problem solving template?

figure out your goals, purposes, and needs

___ may involve direct action or a carefully thought out wait-and-see approach.

adopting a strategy

in which problem solving template step do you draw reasonable inferences?

carefully analyze and interpret information


~an event that causes intense feelings ~negative adaptation to high-stress ~behavioral reactions ~long term stress reactions

A potentially traumatic event causes an individual or group to experience intense feelings of terror, horror, ___, and/or hopelessness. It is an event that is perceived and experienced as a threat to one’s safety or to the stability of one’s world.


Which term defines the increased functioning and positive change after enduring a trauma?


Historically, within US military operations, COSRs have accounted for up to half of all battlefield casualties. In today’s operational environment, leaders can expect to retain and heave returned to duty over ___ percent of the Soldiers who have COSR.


Soldiers do not reset quickly after coming home and up to 17 percent of returned veterans may continue to struggle with negative PCOS effects even ___ months after coming home.


~Mild stress> Emotional
~Mild stress> Physical
~Severe stress> Physical
~Severe stress> Emotional

~irritability, forgetfulness, tears/crying ~jumpiness, cold sweats, fatigue ~totally immobile, panic, constant moving ~memory loss, stutters severely, indifferent to danger

If a Soldier’s signs and symptoms do not improve within ___ days or when symptoms endanger the Soldier the organization, leadership should immediately consult with the unit chaplain or medical personnel.

1 to 2

Which of the following are common stress reactions to fatigue?

~difficulty sorting out properties ~difficulty starting routine tasks ~slow reaction time

~disruptive reactions
~startle reactions

~out of control ~on guard reactions ~external stimumli ~the alerting systems

A soldier unable to enjoy relaxation and companionship, even when the tactical situation permits, is exhibiting which common stress reaction?

social withdrawal

Which measures can a small-unit leader use to reduce the impact of stress?

~let the Soldiers express their thoughts ~keep soldiers productive

Which items are included in the stress-coping exercises?

~deep breathing ~cognitive ~muscle relaxation

Safety is a measure used to sustain performance. Accidents rates increase by 50% after how many hours of continuous combat?


Which areas include risk factors that have the potential to create significant distress for soldiers?

~post deployment ~new soldier integration

~Loss of confidence, cohesion, moral
~home front issues
~new soldier integration
~unit casualty and other PTE

~be decisive, make expectations, Warrior Ethos ~coordinate with postal, Army family, provide updates ~assign sponsor, team building, cohesion ~conduct memorial, talk about grief, utilize unit

A concussion is defined as a blow or jolt to the head that causes a ___ loss of consciousness or change in consciousness, without any visible brain damage.


Which of the following are PTSD symptoms?

~experiencing the event over and over again ~feeling keyed up and on edge all the time

In which operational engagement did the leaders discover the value in sharing ideas and experiences o increase pre-combat training?

urgent fury

What year was the Center for Army Lessons Learned created?


Which one of the seven CALL core functions gives the right products at the right time to support decision making?


CALL collects, analyzes, disseminates, and archives lessons/best practices and operational records for what reason?

to facilitate rapid adaptation

what best describes rapid adaptation and how it affects you as a Soldier?

it is about sharing information with everyone quickly so that solutions can be implemented rapidly

What are its required to submit upon conclusion of operations and exercises?


What regulatory document provides guidance and instruction on the Army Lessons Learned program?

AR 11-33

The Army Lessons Learned Process is broken down into 4 Phases. They are:

Discovery, Validation, Integration, Assess

~Purpose Scope
~Outline of procedure
~Main body

~Describe complex ~Briefly summarize ~Recap main ideas ~Be prepared

Which of the following are actions of a mission briefing?

~review key points ~provide more detailed ~instill a general appreciation ~issue or enforce an order

Which of the following are actions of a staff briefing?

~Announce ~Facilitate

Prepare a briefing outline involves analyzing

~purpose of briefing ~subject ~briefing classification ~facility support ~preparation timeline

Which of these actions occur during the Prepare step?

~revise first draft ~prepare first draft ~plan use of visual aids ~collect needed materials

Preparing for questions is part of which briefing preparation step?


Which of these actions can be taken with respect to recommendations?

~approval ~disapproval ~approval w/modifications

Effective reception operations will link up personnel with their ___ wile minimizing sustainment requirements for units transitioning the POE.


The 3 phases of deployment are predeployment, movement, and ___.

reception staging onward

___ activities involved ensuring that units are trained and personnel are nearly 100% compliant with respect to Soldier Readiness Processing…


Data is verified and equipment is inspected and configured for movement. During ___, equipment is typically moved…


Fundamental to the success of ___ movement is the ability of the CCDR to synchronize the arrival…


The process that delivers combat power to the Joint Force Commander in the operational theatre is ___.


___ is a collection of movement requirements data to support deployment planning


The TPFDD specified date when the unit will be ready to load on an aircraft or ship at the POE is the


Deployment movement plans are used to get your platoon and its equipment from garrison to theater. You will hear your Unit Movement Officer (UMO) use a number of acronyms such as:

Ready-to Load Date

You must ensure that you have provided all of the information to the UMO so that they are able to prepare and maintain the unit movement plan. There are many pieces to a deployment movement plan….


The Air Mobility Command offers a(n) ___ Course to the units aligned under the AMC Affiliation Program

Air Lift Planners

Who is responsible for determining whether a DD Form 362 or a DA Form 4697 is required on a Soldier?


As a Battalion S2/3 unit commander, you must ensure that all Soldiers pending a TCS outside the 50 United States and its territories and possessions attend ___ Training, per DODI 2000.16 and that a record is kept of all individuals who receive this training

Antiterrorism Force Protection Level 1

___ readiness is the state of readiness that should be maintained at all times

Level 1

At battalion level SPR processing, the ___ will ensure that the local area CTT for all Soldiers in the ranks of SFC and below who have not completed the locally required element of the CTT is scheduled

S2/3/unit commander

Security clearances are checked by the ___


FRGs play a vital role in assisting unit Commanders with military and personnel deployment preparedness and ___.

enhancing Family readiness of Soldiers and Families.

One of the FRG’s missions is to:

provide mutual support between the command and the FRG membership

One FRG mission is to:

help families solve problems at the lowest level

FRG support includes

government office space and equipment

FRG Volunteer Support, Appropriated (APF) Funds can be used for all except:

Cup and flower funds

The steps in the operations process are

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