Sociology chap 5~6

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What is social interaction?

the shared experiences through which people relate to one another

In the construction of our social reality, which of the three parts of our world do we need first?


Which of the following terms refers to the way in which a society is organized into predictable relationships?

social structure

Which term is used by sociologists to refer to the social positions we occupy relative to others?


Which of the following are examples of statuses?

son; student; brother

An ascribed status is a social position

assigned to a person by society without regard for the person’s unique talents or characteristics.

Which of the following statements about an ascribed status is correct?

It is often biological in origin, but significant mainly because of the social meanings attached to it within a given culture.

An individual can acquire an achieved status by

attending school.; establishing a friendship.

An achieved status is a social position

that is within our power to change.

Which term is used by sociologists to refer to a set of expectations for people who occupy a given social position or status?

social role

Which term is used to refer to incompatible expectations that arise when the same person holds two or more social statuses?

role conflict

The difficulty that arises when the same social status imposes conflicting demands and expectations is known as

role strain

The term social control refers to

techniques and strategies for preventing deviant human behavior in any society.

Clyde is arrested for graffiti writing. The arrest is an example of a(n)

formal sanction

Which of the following is an example of deviance?

A student sits in the middle of the front row in your sociology class and picks his nose; A student walks into a sociology class naked because it is hot outside.; A student cheats on her first sociology exam.

Which of the following statements is correct regarding stigma and deviance in the United States?

A person need not be guilty of a crime to be stigmatized.; People may be stigmatized for deviant behaviors in which they no longer engage.

Which of the following is considered a white-collar crime?


Which of the following is true about Émile Durkheim view of deviance?

There is nothing inherently deviant or criminal in any act; the key is how society responds to the act.

According to Robert Merton, an innovator is an individual who has

accepted the goals of society, but pursues them with means regarded as improper.

In Robert Merton’s terms, people who blindly applies bureaucratic rules and regulations without remembering the larger goals of the organization can be classified as


Monica, a new student at Valley High School, becomes friends with a group of teenagers who use marijuana and remain seated during the singing of the National Anthem. Although Monica had never used marijuana and used to sing the Anthem, she begins to engage in the same behavior as her new friends. This is an example of

differential association.

Labeling theory closely ties into which other sociological explanation of deviance?

the conflict perspective

Sociologists use the term to describe the labels society uses to devalue members of certain social groups.


Which of the following is NOT one of the three (3) steps necessary for an act to be deviant:

there is an individual reaction to the behavioral expectation

Absolutism is an approach defining deviance that rests on the assumption that people can be considered either inherently good or inherently bad.


Relativism is an approach to defining deviance that rests on the assumption that what is considered deviant changes based on time and place.


Which of the following is NOT a function of deviance?

Deviance discourages social change

Strain theory states that deviance occurs when culturally approved goals cannot be achieved by culturally approved means.


Deterrence theory assumes that people are rational decision makers.


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