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What are the three variables of Max Weber identified as defining social class?

Wealth, Power, Prestige

Based on Marxist orientation of conflict sociologist, how many distinct social classes exist?


When used by socialist the term "Wealth" refers to?

the property owned and the income acquired minus debts made to the person

What is the average per capita annual income in the US, which includes Americans and even children?


What is the typical annual family income in the US?


What statement regarding the nations income is most accurate?

The top 20% of Americans earn nearly half of the income

The belief by many Americans that their vote contributed to mane

The democratic facade

Which sociologist coined the term "the power elite"

C. Wright Mills

Which of the following statements is most accurate with respect to determining social prestige in modern society?

Ones occupation title is the greatest influence in determining social prestige

What was the term C. Wright Mills used to refers to those who make the big decisions in American society?

The power elite

What is the background profile of most American Presidents?

Millionaire white men from families with old money

Who was the sociologist who expanded upon the concept of the power elite to note that no major decision of the US government was made without its approval?

William Domhoff

Based on the average of 60 nations, what three occupation enjoy the highest prestige ratings?

College President, Supreme Court Judge, Astronaut

The occupation with the highest prestige in the US is ?


Phil a janitor for an expensive apartment-home in Chicago, is a union janitor who makes quite a bit of money than many of the tenants in the building he maintains. Lenski would note that Phil’s high income but low occupational prestige demonstrates a condition of?

status inconsistancy

What does status inconsistency refer to in relation to social stratification>?

Individuals are ranked high on one dimension of social class and low on other dimensions.

As a full professor of sociology, Jackie ranks high in prestige, but relatively low in income. What can one expect of her political views?

She will be more politically radical?

When individuals experience status inconsistency, what is their likely choice of behavior?

They will claim a higher status.

Janelle is the professor in the department of business at a state university. She is a full professor in her department and earns $135,000 a year. According to Lenskis status inconsistency hypothesis, what is Janelle most likely political philosophy?


Jim and Jan are working-class Americans making a combined income of $47,000. Today they won a $125 million lottery. How will this immediately impact their lives?

They will experience anomie.

Erik Wright revised Marx’s concept of social classes by regarding some people as simultaneously occupying more than one class. He termed their position in the class structure —-?

contradictory class locations

What is Durkheim’s term for a condition in which people become detached from the norms that guide their behavior?


Ruth owns the Head 2 Toe Boutique where she employs 15 workers. According to Erik Wrights model of social class, Ruth would be classified as a(N)?

petty bourgeoise

What are the four variables Gilbert and Kahl used to developed a six class model structure of the US and other capitalist countries?

education, power, poverty, prestige

The class recognized by Kahl and Gilbert as being upper middle-class in America compromises approximately ——- percent of the US population


Which of the following family names is a member of "nouveau rich" ?

The gates family who founded microsoft

What group of americans does the author characterize as being the "fallout" of the postindustrial economy?

the homeless

Which of the following individuals would have the narrowest field of "eligible" marriage partners based on background expectations?

Christian, the son of a CEO of a major corporation

What did the research of Kohl suggest as being the primary influence upon parents the emphasize how they reared their children?

the parents occupation

Ken belongs to a church in which the worship services are highly expressive with spontaneous "Amens" and "Praise Jesus" outburst accompanied by loud, inspirational organ music. Ken is most likely a member of the —– class?


Politically, the class of people who are more likely to feel that the government should intervene in the economy to make citizens financially secure are the —–

working class

What political party are members of the upper class more likely to belong?


What is the relationship between one’s social class and one’s chances of being a victim of crime?


Of the following classes, in which one are the members most adversely affected by the export of American manufacturing jobs to Mexico and the Pacific Rim nations?

Lower-middle class

What is the upward or downward movement in social class by family members from one generation to the next?

Intergenerational mobility

Changes in society that cause large number of people to move up or down the class ladder, which causes one class to increase while others decrease, is called —– mobility


If 100 working class people move upward on the class ladder people moving downward, sociologist would consider this and example of —— mobility ?


What did higginbotham and weber discover about women from working class backgrounds who now occupied professional, managerial, and administrative positions in Memphis?

They were encourage by there parents to get an education

To determine the poverty line, the US government calculates a low cost food budget for a family of a specific size, then subjects that number to which modification?

It multiply the food budget by three

What region of the US has the highest clustering of people in poverty?

The south

What is the strongest in developing correlations to which social groups are in poverty?


Numerically, what is the race of the majority of the poor in the US


The trend in the US in which most poor families are headed by women is called

the feminization of poverty

—— are the most likely segment of the population in the US to experience poverty today.


Which industrialized nation has the highest rate of child poverty?


What is the relationship between births to single women and their educations?

the greater the level of education the fewer births to single women

Jeanne and her two children recently went on welfare. Research shows that the purpose of the welfare system is to maintain a "reserve labor force" is most aligned with the —– perspective?


Which general explanation of poverty focuses on the discrimination and changes in the job market?

Social structure explinations

John worked in the steal ill for 25 years. A recession economy and competition with foreign steelmakers forced the closing of the steel mill. At the age of 45 John is unable to find work what is most likely to cause John’s poverty?

Changes in the social structure are most likely to cause poverty?

Jacob is a single 40myear old living in government subsidized housing, he does not what to pursue work and feels there are members of society that need the work more than he does, Jacons example of why people are poor?

The characteristics of individuals

In 1996, the US welfare system was restructured. Supporters of this reform maintain that the new system rescues people from poverty and reduces welfare cost. What is the primary evidence they point ut to support this?

The number of people on welfare has significantly decreased.

Theorist suggest that the purpose of the welfare system is to maintain a "reserve labor force" is the most aligned with the —— perspective.


Intentionally keeping groups of people unemployed during periods of economic recession until they are needed for the next economic boom is a strategy of by the government to establish a(n)?

reserve labor force

What is the relationship between social classes and the likelihood of embracing deferred gratification?

The higher ones social class the more likely they will embrace deferred gratification.

There were much publicized myths of the late 1800’s that centered around the rags-to-riches exploits of fictional boy heroes. these myths perpetuated by their author,

Horatio Alger

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