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In general, health and wellness careers that require the least time in college actually have the best pay.


Overall, technology has had a beneficial effect on medical treatment.


Which of the following is an example of being reliable?

consistent effort and action

Which of the following is a good step in learning how to manage time?

determining how you use your time in a 24-hour period

You have to do cardiovascular exercises to get rid of fat.


Which of the following is the primary responsibility or focus of a medical doctor (M.D.)?

treat patients’ symptoms

Describe an instance where you would go to the emergency room instead of scheduling an appointment to see your primary care physician.

Emergency room visits are preferred when someone’s health is in immediate danger and immediate attention is necessary.

How can an in-school program help prevent self-destructive behaviors among teens?

Programs can offer information that the teens don’t have. Programs can offer a source of social support. Programs can show teens that someone cares about them. Programs can mentor and tutor teens.

Describe how fallacies can be created and spread.

Fallacies can be created and spread by people or companies who want to sell a product to make money. Fallacies can also be created and spread intentionally or unintentionally by people who have misunderstood a concept.

Describe some actions people should take to avoid being tricked by health frauds.

To avoid being tricked by health frauds, people should be skeptical, listen carefully, use proper research skills, and check with medical professionals.

Which type of medical insurance typically offers the least amount of flexibility in selecting a primary care physician?


Describe some of the traits that make leaders successful.

A successful leader is respectful, reliable, courageous, positive, motivational, and sincere. Leaders also have integrity and vision.

What information do you need to share with your doctor to avoid a possible bad reaction to medication?

A doctor needs to know whether any other medications are being taken by the patient or if the patient is planning on taking any other medications in the near future. The doctor also needs to know whether the the patient has experienced any allergies to previous medications or even to types of food.

Describe the role of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The role of the Food and Drug Administration is to assure the safety, effectiveness, and security of drugs, vaccines, medical devices, food supply, cosmetics, and dietary supplements. The FDA also regulates tobacco products.

Describe factors than can make dishes in restaurants have variable nutritional values.

Some factors that account for the varying nutritional values in restaurant dishes are using different amounts of ingredients than what is called for in the recipe; overcooking, which can reduce the vitamin content; substituting cooking oils, which can add or reduce the amount of calories and fat; and adjusting portion sizes, which may make them too large or too small.

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