Sherman Antitrust Act

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Sherman Antitrust Act who

Theodore Roosevelt

Sherman Antitrust Act what

act was supposed to prohibit trusts and monopolies; was used to halt RR strike which threatened to restrain the nation’s mail delivery

Sherman Antitrust Act where

Department of Justice in Washington D.C

Sherman Antitrust Act when

passed 1890

Sherman Antitrust Act why

Roosevelt used this act to give the federal gov more control over big businesses in court and it was the first measure passed by U.S Congress to prohibit trusts

Triangle Shirtwaist Company who

immigrant teen girls, Frances Perkins – fought for workers rights, was the first U.S woman in the cabinet, The U.S secretary of Labor

Triangle Shirtwaist Company what

cigarette dropped in sweatshop causing a fire throughout the building; workers were unable to escape due to doors that were locked to keep them from leaving work early; many jumped and 146 died

Triangle Shirtwaist Company where

Manhattan, NY

Triangle Shirtwaist Company when


Triangle Shirtwaist Company why

the incident made NY make safety regulations for factories such as not blocking fire exits, age and hour restrictions; it was a turning point for social welfare

"How the Other Half Lives" who

Jacob Riis – crime photographer and Denmark immigrant

"How the Other Half Lives" what

book exposing poor living conditions of slums and people who lived there, photos included; showed injustice of landlords of these tenements

"How the Other Half Lives" where

Manhattan slums – "the bend"

"How the Other Half Lives" when

published 1890

"How the Other Half Lives" why

brought awareness of poor living conditions to upper classes, making them want to help

Square Deal who

Theodore Roosevelt – Republican presidential nominee

Square Deal what

during his presidential campaign, he promised a "square deal" which was equal and fair treatment for all. Contrasted with previous presidents "laissez-faire" idea and called for a large amount of gov business regulation

Square Deal why

helped him win election and led to a new era of gov regulation, used as foundation for busting up trusts

1 when

1890 Sherman Antitrust Act

1 where

Department of Justice, Congress

1 what

all presidents were "laissez-faire" but Teddy wanted to prove the federal gov had authority over businesses

1 why

even though big businesses were here to stay, he wanted them to be for public good so he fought trusts through legislation

2 who

TR, snake = RR monopolies (J.P Morgan and James J. Hill)

2 when

1906 Hepburn Act gave ICC right to set RR rates

2 where


2 what

wanted to regulate rates, interstate commerce commission set RR rate maximum, could check RR book (gov could)

2 why

TR wanted things fair, RR needed by people for agriculture, didn’t want just the wealthy to benefit

3 who

TR and Uncle Sam – reps common people/voters

3 when

1904, second presidential term and when promised a square deal

3 what

battling RR and Standard oil trust, square deal

3 where

Washington, returning to cont fighting trusts through legislation

3 why

started new era of gov regulation

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