Security – Chapter 7

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TCP/IP uses its own four-layer architecture that includes the Network Interface, Internet, Transport, and Application layers.


The most popular implementation of DNS is the Unix Internet Name Domain.


Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP) uses a more memory when compared to FTP.


SNMP-managed devices must have an agent or a service that listens for commands and then executes them.


S/MIME can be used when mail is accessed through a web browser.


A DDoS mitigator is a software device that identifies and blocks real-time distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks.


A correlation engine aggregates and correlates content from different sources to uncover an attack.


Type I hypervisors run on the host operating system.


A private cloud is one in which the services and infrastructure are offered to all users with access provided remotely through the Internet.


File integrity check (FIC) is a service that can monitor any changes made to computer files, such as operating system files.


What protocol suite below is the most commonly used protocol for local area network (LAN) communication?


At what level of the OSI model does the IP protocol function?

B. Network Layer

Which layer of the OSI model contains the TCP protocol, which is used for establishing connections and reliable data transport between devices?

D. Transport Layer

When using SNMPv1 or SNMPv2, what piece of information is needed to view information from an agent?

B. Community string

Select the TCP/IP protocol that resolves a symbolic name to its corresponding IP address using a database consisting of an organized hierarchy tree.


DNS poisoning can be prevented using the latest edition of what software below?


An administrator needs to examine FTP commands that are being passed to a server. What port should the administrator be monitoring?

C. 21

What device operates at the Network Layer (layer 3) of the OSI model and forwards packets across computer networks?

B. Router

How can a network of physical devices be grouped into logical units, regardless of what network switches they may be connected to?


When setting up a server virtualization environment, what component below manages the virtual machine operating systems and supports one or more guest systems?

D. Hypervisor

Which Cloud computing service model uses the cloud computing vendor to provide access to the vendor’s software applications running on a cloud infrastructure?

C. Software as a Service

In what type of cloud computing does the customer have some control over the operating systems, storage, and their installed applications?

B. Infrastructure as a Service

Which of the following protocols is used to manage network equipment and is supported by most network equipment manufacturers?


Which of the following protocols is unsecured?


Select the email protocols that are not secure? (Choose all that apply.)


What secure protocol is recommended for time synchronization?


What secure protocol is recommended for voice and video?


What hardware component can be inserted into a web server that contains one or more co-processors to handle SSL/TLS processing?

B. SSL/TLS accelerator

If a network administrator needs to configure a switch to copy traffic that occurs on some or all ports to a designated monitoring port on the switch, what switch technology will need to be supported?

D. port mirroring

What hardware device can be inserted into a network to allow an administrator to monitor traffic?

A. Network tap

What type of switch is used to combine multiple network connections into a single link?

C. aggregation switch

Select the security tool that is an inventory of applications and associated components that have been pre-approved and authorized to be active and present on the device?

C. application whitelist

What secure protocol is recommended for Network address translation

D. IPSec

What specific issues are associated with log management? (Choose all that apply.)

A. The multiple devices generating logs. B. The different log formats. C. The fast network transfer speeds.

hat type of system is designed to collect and consolidate logs from multiple sources for easy analysis?

A. Centralized device log analyzer

Which technology is a means of managing and presenting computer resources by function without regard to their physical layout or location?

C. Virtualization

What type of computing environment allows servers, storage, and the supporting networking infrastructure to be shared by multiple enterprises over a remote network connection that had been contracted for a specific period?

B. Hosted services

Which of the following is the process of running a user desktop inside a virtual machine that resides on a server?


What are the planes used to allow SDN to virtualize parts of the physical network so that it can be more quickly and easily reconfigured? (Choose all that apply.)

A. Data plane D. Data Plane

On and SDN network, what specific unit gives traffic the permission to flow through the network?

D. SDN Controller

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