Security – Chapter 5

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What type of attack intercepts communication between parties to steal or manipulate the data?

C. Man-in-the-browser

What protocol can be used by a host on a network to find the MAC address of another device based on an IP address?


What type of additional attack does ARP spoofing rely on?

D. MAC Spoofing

What type of privileges to access hardware and software resources are granted to users or devices?

C. Access rights

When an attack is designed to prevent authorized users from accessing a system, it is called what kind of attack?

C. Denial of service

Which type of attack broadcasts a network request to multiple computers but changes the address from which the request came to the victim’s computer?

D. Smurf Attack

An attack that takes advantage of the procedures for initiating a session is known as what type of attack?

D. SYN flood attack

What language below is used to view and manipulate data that is stored in a relational database?


Which SQL statement represents a SQL injection attempt to determine the names of different fields in a database?

D. whatever’ AND email IS NULL; —

Choose the SQL injection statement example below that could be used to find specific users:

C. whatever’ OR full_name LIKE ‘%Mia%’

Which SQL injection statement example below could be used to discover the name of the table?

B. whatever’ AND 1=(SELECT COUNT(*) FROM tabname); —

An attack in which the attacker attempts to impersonate the user by using his or her session token is known as:

C. Session hijacking

Which type of attack below is similar to a passive man-in-the-middle attack?

A. replay

When TCP/IP was developed, the host table concept was expanded into a hierarchical name system for matching computer names and numbers using this service:


How can an attacker substitute a DNS address so that a computer is automatically redirected to another device?

A. DNS poisoning

The exchange of information among DNS servers regarding configured zones is known as:

C. Zone transfer

On a compromised computer, you have found that a user without administrative privileges was able to perform a task limited to only administrative accounts. What type of exploit has occurred?

A. Privilege escalation

What type of web server application attacks introduce new input to exploit a vulnerability?

D. Injection attacks

If an attacker purchases and uses a URL that is similar in spelling and looks like a well-known website in order for the attacker to gain Web traffic to generate income, what type of attack are they using?

B. URL hijacking

What attack occurs when a domain pointer that links a domain name to a specific web server is changed by a threat actor?

D. Domain hijacking

When an attacker promotes themselves as reputable third-party advertisers to distribute their malware through the Web ads, what type attack is being performed?

C. Malvertising

What technology expands the normal capabilities of a web browser for a specific webpage?

A. Extensions

Where are MAC addresses stored for future reference?

C. ARP Cache

What type of an attack is being executed if an attacker substituted an invalid MAC address for the network gateway so no users can access external networks?

A. ARP Poisoning

What type of attack is being performed when multiple computers overwhelm a system with fake requests?


What criteria must be met for an XXS attack to occur on a specific website?

B. The website must accept user input without validating it and use that input in a response.

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