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Use a diagram to match the case type labels with their corresponding cases.

A= Mini-ITX-Tower B= Micro-ATX Slim Tower C=Micro-ATX Tower D= ATX Mid-Tower E= ATX Full-Tower

Diagram of a typical motherboard. Drag the label on the left to the letter on the right
that best identifies the associated connector on the motherboard.

A= PCI B= PCIe x16 C= PCIe x1 D= Case Fan Power E= CPU Power F= CPU G= Memory H= Power Supply I= SATA J= Front/Top Panel K= USB L= IEEE 1394

Drag the label on the left and drop it on the letter on the right that best identifies the
associated memory module form.


There are critical times when memory problems often manifest themselves. Match the
critical times on the left with the corresponding descriptions on the right of the causes
of the memory problems

-This can require more…Software Installation -Memory is not properly…First Boot of Computer -Incompletely or improperly doing…Hardware Installation or removal -The memory is not compatible…Memory upgrade

Match the video card types on the left with the appropriate characterizes on the right.

-Installed in an expansion…Dedicated Video Cards -Have a GPU…Dedicated Video -Are more powerful…Dedicated video -GPU is integrated…Integrated Video Cards -Shares system memory…Integrated Video -Are much cheaper…Integrated Video

Match the cooling system types on the left with the appropriate characteristics and uses
on the right. Each cooling system type can be used once.

-Used for cooling high-end video…Active heat sink -Used for cooling high-end gaming…Liquid cooling -Has a fan attached…Active heat sink -Used for cooling CPUs…Active heat sink -Exhausts hot air…Power Supply -Used for cooling memory modules…Passive heat sink -Used for cooling high-perfomance systems…Liquid cooling -Has no fan attached…Passive heat sink

What would most likely cause random system lockups?

an overheated processor

What is a DB-15 connector on a sound card typically used for?

Joystick & MIDI port

To configure a computer to use Crossfire or SLI to improve performance when playing
games, what would you need?

2 identical video cards

A HTPC (home theater PC) is connected to an HDTV. To be able to play Blu-ray movies
on the HTPC, which feature should the video card and HDTV support?


Which component/part is necessary to keep the real-time clock running on a system?


What component(s) is an example of firmware?


What is the name for the routine that tests the motherboard, memory, disk controllers,
video, keyboard and other system hardware on start-up?


A new computer with a quad-core 64-bit processor, 6 GB of memory, and a PCIe video
card with 512 MB of memory. After installing the operating system, you see less than 4
GB of memory showing as available in Windows. What should you do?

Install a 64-bit version of the operating system

What is an error detection technique used in memory that can also correct the error?

ECC (error correcting code)

For each memory module read request, there is a delay between the time of the data
request and the time the data is available for output from the memory module. What is
this delay called?

CAS Latency

What type of memory is used in laptop or notebook computers?


When installing a motherboard in a system case. What are the objects placed between
the motherboard and the system case called?


What do you call the object that is installed between the system case and the
motherboard’s back I/O ports?


A desktop computer that uses a 250-watt power supply. Four hard drives are added to
the system and now it spontaneously shuts down. What is the solution?

Upgrade power supply that has more watts

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