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Which of the following is not one of the functions of a digital signature?

Protect the public key

The NTRUEncrypt cryptographic algorithm makes use of which of the following cryptographic techniques?


What cryptographic method, first proposed in the mid-1980s, makes use of sloping curves instead of large prime numbers?


In cryptography, which of the five basic protections ensures that the information is correct and no unauthorized person or malicious software has altered that data?


On what principle did Julius Caesar’s cyptographic messages function?

Each alphabetic letter was shifted three places down in the alphabet

Select below the hashing algorithm that takes plaintext of any length and generates a digest 128 bits in length:


What is the name of the open source asymmetric cryptography system that runs on Windows, UNIX, and Linux systems, and is compatible with PGP?


What type of cryptography uses two keys instead of just one, generating both a private and a public key?


Which type of cryptographic algorithm takes an input string of any length, and returns a string of any requested variable length?


Cryptography that attempts to use the microscopic behaviors of objects to develop and share keys while also detecting eavesdropping is known as what type of cryptography?

Quantum Cryptography

What is the name of the cryptographic hash function that has international recognition and has been adopted by standards organizations such as the ISO, that creates a digest of 512 bits and will not be subject to patents?


Data that is in an unencrypted form is referred to as which of the following?


What is the block cipher algorithm that operates on 64-bit blocks and can have a key length from 32 to 448 bits known as?


The asymmetric cryptography algorithm most commonly used is:


After the DES cipher was broken and no longer considered secure, what encryption algorithm was made as its successor?


The SHA-1 hashing algorithm creates a digest that is how many bits in length?

160 bits

Select below the standard that is based on the Rijndael algorithm, and was approved by NIST in late 2000 as a replacement for DES:


A key that is generated by a symmetric cryptographic algorithm is said to be a:

private key

What type of cryptographic algorithm is considered to be a one-way algorithm, in that its contents can’t be used to reveal the original set of data?


The simplest type of stream cipher, one in which one letter or character is exchanged for another, is known as what?


​A symmetric cipher that was approved by the NIST in late 2000 as a replacement for DES


​An algorithm that uses elliptic curves instead of prime numbers to compute keys


An asymmetric encryption key that does not have to be protected.​

public key

​A symmetric block cipher that uses a 56-bit key and encrypts data in 64-bit blocks

Data Encryption Standard (DES)

A temporary key that is used only once before it is discarded.​

ephemeral key

​An asymmetric encryption key that does have to be protected.

Private Key

A cipher that manipulates an entire block of plaintext at one time.​

Block Cipher

A key exchange that requires all parties to agree upon a large prime number and related integer so that the same key can be separately created.​

Diffie-Hellman (DH)

​An algorithm that takes one character and replaces it with one character.

Stream Cipher

Data that has been encrypted.​


A block cipher works on a single character at a time, and is faster than a stream cipher.


A hash algorithm is designed to create a hash that represents the contents of a set of data that can later be decrypted.


A Hardware Security Module (HSM) is essentially a chip on the motherboard of the computer that provides cryptographic services.


Steganography hides the existence of data within images by dividing and hiding portions of a file within the image.


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