Rainforest Loss

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The Rainforest Alliance is _______.

all of the above

Which of the following is true concerning rainforest deforestation?

It contributes to global warming.

Rainforests are characterized as _______.

tropical or temperate

Which of the following foods are native to rainforests?

all of the above

Tropical rainforests are not located in _______.


The principal characteristic that differentiates temperate and tropical rainforests is __________.


Which of the following is not a product or use of tropical rainforests?

none of the above

Which of the following is not a method used to improve management of tropical rainforests?

increased logging

Which of the following best describes the impact of rainforest deforestation on global precipitation?

The pattern of global precipitation is altered.

Rainforest deforestation generally has a positive impact on indigenous tribes and peoples.


Which of the following best describes the use of rainforest plants as anticancer drugs?

Twenty-five percent of the active ingredients in cancer drugs are exclusively rainforest plants.

The sustainable use of rainforest resources is exemplified by _______

harvesting nuts

Which of the following is not a food produced in rainforests?

mustard seeds

Rainforests are principally responsible for global oxygen turnover.


Which of the following is not true concerning rainforests?

Half of all rainforest plants have been tested for their medicinal properties.

Europe has no rainforests.


Around 50,000 rainforest species go extinct every year.


The Rainforest Alliance is a program sponsored by several governments of countries with rainforests.


Which of the following are important products of rainforests?

All of the above

Rainforests are not generally considered a source of ____.

None of the above

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