Quiz 5 Concept D

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Dragging a chart object to a new location on the worksheet will change the data in the worksheet.


The z-axis of 3-D charts is used for comparing data across both categories and values.


Which of the following is not an option that the Data Labels can produce?

Legend name

Which chart type do you use to compare distinct objects over time using horizontal bars?


To switch a chart’s columns and rows, click the ____________________ button in the Data group on the CHART TOOLS DESIGN tab.


Sub gridlines show the values between the tick marks in a chart.


A(n) ____ chart compares distinct object levels using vertical bars; it is the Excel default.


A combination chart can add a(n) ____ axis to chart related data.


An example of a(n) ____ chart is a column chart with a line chart.


In a pie chart, slices that are pulled away are said to be ____.


You can ____ the chart title text to select it.


Which chart type is the best candidate for emphasizing sales trends over a period of 6 months?


On a chart created in Excel, the vertical axis is also called the ____.


Which of the following will NOT be affected or rearranged by choosing a new layout on the CHART TOOLS DESIGN tab?


A bar chart and column chart are equivalent chart types in Excel.


____ lets you create diagram types including List, Process, Cycle, Hierarchy, Relationship, Matrix, and Pyramid.


A collection of related data points is called a ____.

data series

A scatter chart ____.

compares trends over uneven time or measurement intervals

The horizontal axis is also called the value axis.


In a pie chart, you can emphasize one data point by plotting, or pulling that slice away from, the pie chart.


Identify the letter of the choice that best matches the phrase or definition.

Before creating this, you need to plan the information you want it to show.

Often contains the names of data groups, such as locations, months, or years.

Often contains numerical values that help you interpret the size of chart elements.

Visually represents each data point.

An independent element on a worksheet.

Chart Category axis Value axis Data marker Object

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