Public health Q 4

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Adequate food supply and getting regular exercise are examples of:

(Select 1)(0.7pts)

primary prevention of noncommunicable diseases

primary prevention of communicable diseases

secondary prevention of communicable diseases

secondary prevention of noncommunicable diseases

primary prevention of noncommunicable diseases

To retrain, reeducate, and rehabilitate a patient who has already incurred a disability is

Tertiary prevention

Health screenings are important measures in:

Secondary prevention

Health education and health promotion programs are examples of


When prioritizing prevention and control efforts, health officials use data from

Years of potential life lost

Leading cause of death

Economic cost of society

All of the above

All of the above

Tuberculosis and influenza are examples of:

(Select 1)(0.7pts)

vehicleborne diseases

airborne diseases

vectorborne diseases


A pathogenic agent enters a susceptible host through a:

Portal of entry

The capability of a communicable disease agent to cause disease in a susceptible host is

(Select 1)(0.7pts)




indirect transmission


Osteoarthritis and diabetes are examples of

Chronic noncommunicable disease

Appendicitis and poisoning are examples of:

(Select 1)(0.7pts)

chronic noncommunicable diseases

acute noncommunicable diseases

chronic communicable diseases

acute communicable diseases

Acute noncommunicable

T/F: In the communicable disease model, the cause of a disease or health problem is the host.


T/F: Coronary heart disease is an example of a chronic noncommunicable disease.


T/F: AIDS and tuberculosis are examples of chronic communicable diseases.


The common cold is an example of a chronic communicable disease


T/F Drugs, pesticides, and food additives are examples of chemical agents.


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