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Elizabeth is awake and alert while playing a video game. Her brain activity will most likely be characterized by ________ waves.


Circadian rhythms can best be described as

the regulation of biological cycles into regular, daily patterns.

Penelope has been drinking coffee for the past 10 years. She says she needs the caffeine just to get through the day. Today, she has not had any coffee, and has a severe headache, fatigue, and shakiness. Penelope is most likely ________ dependent on caffeine.


Because of a heart condition, you decide to try transcendental meditation to improve your health. The benefit that you are most likely to experience is

lowered blood pressure

Dreams that happen during REM sleep are ________; dreams that happen during non-REM sleep are ________.

highly emotional; dull

Marvello the hypnotist puts Van in a trance and tells him to cluck like a chicken whenever he sees a fire truck in the week following the show. Marvello is trying to influence Van’s behavior

by giving him a posthypnotic suggestion.

A split-brain client is shown a frog in her right visual field. She is asked to identify what she sees. She most likely will be able to

say the word frog.

Gina got drunk last night, which made her feel disinhibited and relaxed because alcohol is a(n)


If you want to increase the production of melatonin, you should

sit an a completely dark room

Tasha is a sleep-deprived college student. In class today, Tasha found her eyes rolling and her arm twitched. Tasha was most likely experiencing

stage 1 sleep

Which of the following best describes subliminal perception?

processing of sensory information without conscious awareness

Altered consciousness can be achieved through all of the following EXCEPT

subliminal perception.

According to the sociocognitive theory, hypnosis

causes people to play the role of being hypnotized.

Your roommate says that you seem to wake up dozens of times in the night, gasping for air, but are totally unaware of it. Based on this information, you may be experiencing

sleep apnea

A split-brain client is shown a frog in her right visual field. This information is processed by

the left side of her occipital lobe.

Which of the following is a potential drawback of using automatic processing?

We are less likely to remember relevant details.

Which of the following is most likely an example of an automatic process?

walking down the sidewalk

Hypnosis, meditation, and drug use all allow individuals to

change the quality of their consciousness.

To treat his epilepsy, doctors sever Liam’s corpus callosum. As a result, Liam will

have a split brain

Mandy typically gets a good night of sleep. However, last night, she stayed up all night studying for her exam. After this one night of sleep deprivation, the next day Mandy will most likely have trouble

reading a book in a quiet room

Which of the following correctly describes how meditation affects brain function?

Long-term practicing can lead to structural brain changes.

Which of the following drugs is an opiate?


Stimulant drugs have all of the following effects EXCEPT

increasing sleep

Kate’s brain has suffered damage to its right hemisphere. Which of the following tasks is LEAST likely to be affected?

balancing her checkbook

According to the global workspace model, consciousness is a function of

activity in specific brain regions.

Which of the following is NOT a factor in the development of addiction?

personal beliefs that addiction is a choice

Rhianna had been asleep for 30 minutes when she was awakened by her roommate screaming at her to pick up the phone. Rhianna was extremely confused, so she grabbed her shoe and said "Hello?" Before she was awakened, Rhianna was most likely in ________ sleep.


Which of the following drugs is a hallucinogenic?


To be considered a hallucinogenic, a drug must

alter sensation and perception

Which of the following is NOT an example of consciousness?

being in a persistent vegetable state

Some types of depressant drugs are specifically used for

relieving worry

Sienna is giving a verbal presentation in her political science class. During her presentation it is most likely that the ________ is more active than the ________ hemisphere.

left hemisphere; right

According to the sociocognitive theory of hypnosis, people who are hypnotized are

acting out what they think is expected of them.

After Mork has gone through one full sleep cycle, his heart beats faster, his breathing grows fast and irregular, and his closed eyes begin to move back and forth. Mork is most likely experiencing

REM sleep

REM sleep is called paradoxical sleep because the

person’s body is asleep, but the person’s brain is active.

The brain area that influences the secretion of melatonin is the

pineal gland.

According to research, the most important factor in allowing a person to be successfully hypnotized is the

suggestibility of the individual

Which of the following statements does NOT describe an adaptive and beneficial function of sleep?

sleep allows us to imagine and dream

The part of the brain that is NOT involved in maintaining sleep/wake cycles is the


To be considered a stimulant, a drug must ________ mental activity and ________ physical activity.


Linnea said that last night she had dreams about daily activities, such as what she was going to wear to school and what pen to bring to class. Based on the nature of the dreams, it is most likely that Linnea had the dream in ________ sleep.


Your child wakes up during the first hour or two after going to bed and walks around his room with a glassy-eyed look. Based on this information, your child most likely has a sleep disorder called


In her dream, Lisa has just won the lottery. Her friend interprets the dream as Lisa’s unconscious obsession with money and wealth. Her friend’s statement indicates that she is focusing on the ________ content of the dream.


You want to convince your friend that the relationship between the conscious mind and the physical brain is best explained by the materialism view. To do this, you should provide evidence that

brain processes create the experiences of the mind

In an experiment, researchers found that when given the word pair ocean-moon, followed by the word detergent, participants typically said the word tide. When asked to explain their word choice, participants were unaware that the word pair had influenced their responses. This supports the concept of

subliminal perception

When Terry stopped using a certain prescription drug, he got very anxious and had severe headaches. Terry’s experience is most likely a result of


One major cause of insomnia is

worrying about sleep

The fact that the brain acts as an interpreter refers to the ability of the

left hemisphere to construct a world that makes sense.

At what sleep stage does your breathing become more regular and your awareness of external stimulation decrease?

stage 2

You tell your friend Betty about a dream in which you were a giant cupcake. Betty says it means that you have an unconscious desire to drop out of college and become a baker. Betty’s statement is describing the ________ content of the dream.


When Marisol is running during marathons she gets a runner’s high. During these times she most likely experiences

altered consciousness

Which of the following people is most likely experiencing flow?

Peter, who feels a runner’s high while running seven miles

After playing a difficult soccer match that wore his body out, Jon slept for an extra four hours. Jon’s extra sleep is best explained by ________ theory.


Which of the following drugs is a stimulant?


Giacomo has used methamphetamines for a while. To feel the effects of the drug, he now has to take more of it than he used to, which means that Giacomo is experiencing


Which of the following is NOT associated with an altered state of consciousness?

automatic processing

You tell your friend Betty about a dream in which you were a giant cupcake. Betty tells you the dream was meaningless and was only caused by random neural firings during sleep. Based on this you know that Betty most likely believes in the ________ theory of dreaming.


Meditation seems to affect cognitive processing in all of the following ways EXCEPT by

reducing pain

As you sleep through the night, REM sleep

increases relative to the other stages

Byron drinks five cups of coffee each day during the work week. Whenever he sleeps late on Saturdays, he wakes up with a headache that only goes away when he has a cup of coffee. Based on this you know that Byron is most likely experiencing


In severe cases, which disorder may require the corpus callosum to be surgically severed?


Which of the following is NOT a psychoactive drug that alters consciousness?

an antibiotic

Angie had brain surgery. Although she can function quite normally, she is unable to verbally report the name of an object that is shown to her left visual field. However, when the same object is shown to her right visual field, she can verbally name the object. Based on this information, Angie’s brain surgery likely involved severing the

corpus callosum

You are lying by the pool, relaxing with your eyes closed, and feeling drowsy. In this situation, the type of brain waves that would most likely show up on your EEGs are


After split-brain surgery, a picture of a blue chair is processed by the patient’s right hemisphere. When asked what she sees, the patient will most likely

not be able to verbally describe what she saw.

Aaron is asleep. His breathing has become more regular and he is less sensitive to external stimulation. A researcher can confirm that Aaron is in stage 2 sleep by looking for ________ on Aaron’s EEGs.


According to the global workspace model, consciousness is a function of

activity in specific brain regions

Raya has been knitting for many years. Jade just started learning how to knit yesterday. For Raya, knitting is most likely a(n) ________ process, and for Jade, knitting is most likely a(n) ________ process.


Carla just took an amphetamine, which means that her heart rate and blood pressure will


When a person experiences changes in memory, perception, or voluntary action as a result of suggestions made by another person, he or she is most likely experiencing


Meghan is under the influence of a drug. She feels energized and is also experiencing altered visual perception. Meghan most likely took the drug


Methamphetamine increases the concentration of dopamine in the synapse, just like another stimulant, called


Lizbeth uses mindfulness meditation to achieve an altered state of consciousness by

allows her thoughts to flow freely without reacting to them

Four people of different ages volunteer to take part in a sleep study that monitors their brain waves. The volunteer who will likely spend the most time in REM sleep is a


According to the dissociation theory of hypnosis, people who are hypnotized are

in an altered state where awareness is separated from other parts of consciousness.

One way to achieve an altered state of consciousness is by focusing your attention on one thing, like your pattern of breathing. A deep sense of tranquility can be achieved through this process of ________ meditation.


While dreaming that she is riding a bicycle, Millie actually moves around in bed making arm and leg motions similar to those of a cyclist. Millie is most likely experiencing

REM behavior disorder

Esther dreams that she is swimming. Following Freud’s perspective, Esther’s therapist suggests that her dream represents a hidden unconscious desire for sexual intimacy. Accordingly, the therapist would most likely say that

in the dream the images of swimming was the manifest content.

Odin is asleep when his neighbor starts banging on his window. Odin barely moves, and when he does finally wake up, he is confused and disoriented. Before he was awakened, Odin was most likely in ________ sleep.


In a person with a normally functioning brain, the part of the brain that typically controls speech is the

left hemisphere

After split-brain surgery, a picture of a blue chair is shown to the client’s right hemisphere. When given a pencil to draw what she sees, using her left hand, the client draws

a chair

To be considered a depressant, a drug must ________ mental activity and ________ physical activity.


Juan believes that the prefrontal cortex is responsible for consciousness. Pierre disagrees, saying that no single area of the brain is responsible for consciousness, and that instead specific areas process certain types of information. Pierre most likely believes in the ________ model of consciousness.

global workspace

Heroin increases pleasure by ________ receptors.

binding with opiate

Consciousness is best defined as

one’s subjective experiences of the external world and one’s mental activity.

Occasionally, Jessie will fall asleep at inappropriate times, for example, in the middle of talking to a customer at work. Based on this information, Jessie might be experiencing


The idea that the activity of neurons in the brain produces consciousness is called


After taking a drug at a party, Fawn became energetic, talkative, and lively. Which drug did Fawn most likely use?


Three of the following people are practicing meditation to achieve an altered state of consciousness. Which person is NOT practicing one of the various forms of meditation?

Genevieve consciously tries to stop her inner thought processes.

Which of the following is most likely an example of a controlled process?

roller-skating for the first time

Becky, a 35-year-old mother, sleeps whenever her six-month-old baby does. Even though Becky and her infant get the same amount of sleep, according to consolidation theory, Becky will spend ________ time in ________ sleep compared with her baby.

less; REM

Sleeping people who show theta waves on their EEGs are most likely in ________ sleep.

stage 1

In an experiment, researchers found that when given the word pair ocean-moon, followed by the word detergent, participants typically said the word tide. Participants were then asked why they said tide. Which of the following explanations was a participant LEAST likely to give?

"The ocean-moon word pair reminded me of the tide."

As Isaac reads his textbook, he gets more and more drowsy and is just about to fall asleep. His brain activity will most likely be characterized by ________ waves.


Which of the following actions does NOT typically happen during sleep?

experiencing conscious awareness

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