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Form a psychological perspective, the term congition means


Are categories of groupings of images, ideas, or memories, such as life experiences


A(n) is the best example, or representation, of a ckncept


Concepts are known by specific characteristics always exhibited, and defined basic shapes


A (an) is a mental construct consisting of a cluster or collection of related concepts


A(an) Schema is also known as a cognitive script


Which type of mental set is where you cannot see an object being used for some other purpose

Functional fixedness

Intelligence is marked by inventing or imagining a solution to a problem or situation


Who developed the triarchic theory of intelligence

Robert Sternberg

And are powerful influences on both our thoughts and behaviors.

Emotion; memory

Stimuli and info are received by our brains, filtered through emotions and memories


Natural concepts are mental groupings created naturally through our


Which researchers suggested that language determines thought?

Sapir & whorf

An event happens and looking back thinking it was predictable

Hindsight bias

Finding your way through an unfamiliar route due to road block draws upon you— intellingence


Which of the following is an example of an abstract, complex, concept


Which of the following is not of the four subtypes of intellectual disability,


Anywhere between 30-70% of individual with diagnosed cases of ADHD also have some sort of

Learning disability

What is the process to encode, store, and retrieve info over different periods of time.


Pan hears the alphabet song and remembers it. This is an example of— encoding


A memory to goes into storage through: sensory memory, short-term, and — memory

Long -term

Encoding is the encoding of images


What type of memories do we consciously try to remember and recall?

Explicit memories

What is procedural memory

Implicit memory that stores info about how to do things

According to baddeley and hitch

Short-term memory itself has different forms

What kind of memory involves storage of brief events, such as sights, sounds, and tastes?


What are 2 components of declarative memory?

Semantic and episodic

Which describes the effects of misinfo from external sources leading to false memories


Remembering — is a good example of episodic memory

Your first day of school

Guy repeats his lines over and over again to remember them.


I’m learning the 50 states. While trying to remember and recall this info. It is considered?

Explicit memory

When you take a multiple-choice test, you are relying on?


Remembering– is a good example of procedural memory

How to use the phone

If I’m looking at a snake and feel fear caused by the snake, what part of my brain am I using?


The Kennedy assassination represents a — a clear recollection of an important eveb

Flashbulb memory

People may not intend to distort facts, but-

Happens when retrieving old memories and new continue

Amantha left her phone somewhere, but she can’t remember where. What is this called?


Which part of my brain is probably damaged if I’m unable to recognize basic objects at my house


To lower the risk of false memory syndrome, police have

Modified the way witnesses are questioned

Which of the following statements about eyewitness testimony is correct?

Eyewitness testimony is vulnerable to suggestibility

In what type of reasoning are pros and cons given in weighting possible conclusions?

Dialectical reasoning

Which of these is a shortcut based on resemblance to a pro type: TTT is a less likely than THTH

Representativeness heuristic

Is the tendency for people to pay attention only to evidence that support their beliefs

Confirmation bias

Which part of the brain is most involved in creating implicit memories


Rules of thumb that do no guarantee a solution but may help bring one are called


What theory was advanced by Festinger

Cognitive dissonance

What involved Learning

Systematic change, permanent change in behavior, central to behaviorist theories

Involves retaining info over time


Which of the following memory systems has a timeframe of up to 30 seconds

Short-term memory

Chunking involves

Reorganizing info exceeding 7 plus or minus 2 rule

Being able to consciously recall info from the past and recite it involves what type of memory


Priming is a phenomenon that has been found to result in

Enhances memory retrieval

Retrieval is the process of

bringing info to mind whenever needed

Motivated forgetting and repressed memories are usually associated with what type of memories

Traumatic memories

-refers to auditory sensory memory, whereas–refers to visual sensory memoey

Echoic memory/ iconic memory

–has to do with remembering who, what, where when and why. — has to do with remembering how

Explicit memory/ implicit memory

Eyewitness accounts of crimes are

Prone to errors

Cognitive psy is the study of

Mental processes

Basketball, football, baseball, and soccer all fit into the –of sports


When comparing algorithms &heuristics, the benefit of using heuristics of splicing problems is

Speed and convenience

— involved reasoning from a general case that we know to be true to a specific instance

Deductive reasoning

If a child’s mental age is higher than her chronological age, this means that

This child’s IQ is higher than notmal

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