Proving a Quadrilateral is a Parallogram

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The perimeter of parallelogram WXYZ is 50 millimeters. What is WZ?


In parallelogram LMNO, what are the values of x and y?

x = 55, y = 14

Quadrilateral RSTU is a parallelogram. What must be the value of x?


In parallelogram PQSR, what is PQ?


XXX Opposite sides in a parallogram are congruent

In parallelogram LONM, what is OM?

XXX 24cm

The perimeter of parallelogram PQSR is 74 cm. What is QS?

XXX 8cm

What is the measure of angle L in parallelogram LMNO?

XXX 140cm

Which best explains if quadrilateral WXYZ can be a parallelogram?

XXX WXYZ is a parallelogram because diagonal XZ is bisected.

In parallelogram ABCD, what is DC?

XXX 130cm

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