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Which of the following characteristics apply to at least some organisms from Kingdom Protista?

Eukaryotic Unicellular Heterotrophic Possess cell walls Aquatic

Which member of Kingdom Protista is characterized by moving using pseudopodia and capturing food via phagocytosis?

Amoeba spp.

Which of the following characteristics apply to ALL species in Kingdom Protista?


Which group in Kingdom Protista is responsible for the annual Florida red tide?


The largest species in Kingdom Protista belongs to what supergroup?

Supergroup Stramenopila

Which organism is unicellular and possesses a feeding groove?

Euglena spp.

Most dinoflagellates possess heavy plates made of what substance?


Which member of Kingdom Protista is the closest relative to the land plants?


Which characteristic is not shared by land plants and at least some species in Kingdom Protista?

Motility in mature individuals

When viewing the Euglena in lab, you should be able to positively identify the _________ and __________.

Chloroplasts and stigma

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