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You can apply artistic effects to a picture used as a slide’s background.


____ effects convert colors in a picture to a wide variety of hues.


When a placeholder is selected, the ____ are displayed.

section handles

the presentation theme determines the formatting characteristics of fonts and colors.


Which of the following are types of placeholders?

Title, subtitle, and content

The ____ command moves the selected object underneath all objects on the slide.

send to back

A ____ paragraph places the last character of text near the right border of a paragraph.

right align

____ effects modify text and objects displayed on the screen.


The theme layouts determine where the text and content placeholders display on the slide.


The Send to Back command moves a selected object underneath all stacked objects.



High color saturation produces gray tones.


Color saturation changes the intensity of colors.


Click ____ to move a stacked object to the top of the stack.

bring to front

A ____ paragraph places the first character of a text line near the left border of a placeholder.

left aligned

The Send to Back command moves a selected object underneath all stacked objects.


____ effects determine how slide elements disappear.


Printing ____ is useful for reviewing a presentation.


Some themes center text paragraphs between the left and right placeholder borders.


When you run a slide show, empty shapes do not display.


Thumbnails in the Picture gallery display the more common color saturation, color tone, and recolor adjustments.


The Trim Video feature allows you to trim your clip by time measurements that are accurate to ____ of a second.

one thousandth

Click ____ to move a stacked object toward the top of the stack.

bring forward

The ____ gallery has a wide variety of preset formatting combinations for coloring pictures.


You cannot adjust the volume of sound that has been recorded on a file.


The presentation ____ determines the formatting characteristics of fonts and colors.


You can use the Trim Video feature to specify a video file’s Start and End time in order to control which portion of the video file plays during a slide show.


The same procedure of copying and pasting objects works for copying and pasting text from one placeholder to another.


Dragging or sizing affects all objects in a slide.


Once an audio clip is inserted into a slide, you cannot specify options that control playback and appearance.


The Color gallery has just a few preset formatting combinations.


A paragraph can be centered so that the text is aligned to both the left and right borders


Low saturation produces vivid colors.


Reading view is similar to ____ view because of each slide displays individually, but the slides do not fill the entire screen.

slide show

The presentation theme determines the formatting characteristics of ____.

fonts and colors

There are ____ standard colors for text in a theme.


The presentation theme determines the formatting characteristics of fonts and colors.


You can select slide objects in order to delete them simultaneously by pressing the ____ key as you click each object.


____ changes picture color into black, white, and shades of gray.


Sepia changes picture colors into ____.

brown, gold and yellow

Every theme has ____ standard colors.


PowerPoint allows you to adjust colors to match or add contrast to slide elements by coloring photos.


The Send Backward command moves an object underneath another object.


you can mix picture recoloring and artistic effects to create a unique image.


Which of the following commands can you use to change the stacking order of objects on a slide?

send backward and bring forward

When you ungroup an illustration, PowerPoint breaks it into its component objects.


Dragging or sizing affects only a ____.

selected object

Audio controls include playing and pausing sound, moving back or forward 0.25 seconds, audio progress, elapsed time, and muting or unmuting the sound.


____ includes special visual and sound effects applied to text or other content.


Switching between PowerPoint views help you review your presentation’s design, content, and organization.


color cast occurs when a digital camera measure the tone correctly.


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