Power Point Chap 3 – Multiple Choice

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Color ____ changes the intensity of colors.


The ____ gallery has a wide variety of preset formatting combinations for coloring pictures.


____ changes picture color into black, white, and shades of gray.


Sepia changes picture colors into ____.

brown, gold, and yellow

____ effects convert colors in a picture to a wide variety of hues.


Color ____ indicates that one color is dominating a picture.


Click ____ to move a stacked object toward the top of the stack.

Bring Forward

Click ____ to move a stacked object to the top of the stack.

Bring to Front

Which of the following is the path to the Send Backward button?

(PICTURE TOOLS FORMAT tab | Arrange group)

The ____ command moves the selected object underneath all objects on the slide.

Send to Back

The presentation ____ determines the formatting characteristics of fonts and colors.


A ____ paragraph places the first character of a text line near the left border of a placeholder.


A ____ paragraph places the last character of text near the right border of a paragraph.


The path to the text alignment buttons is ____.

(HOME tab | Paragraph group)

When a placeholder is selected, the ____ are displayed.

selection handles

____ view allows you to look at several slides at one time.

Slide Sorter

Reading view is similar to ____ view because each slide displays individually, but the slides do not fill the entire screen.

Slide Show

A ____ may be composed of a few individual objects or several complex groups of objects.


Clicking the Yes button in the dialog box in the accompanying picture ____.

converts the picture to a drawing object

When you ____ a clip art picture, PowerPoint breaks it into its component objects, as shown in the accompanying figure.


Which of the following is the path to the Shape Fill button?

(DRAWING TOOLS FORMAT tab | Shape Styles group)

You can select slide objects in order to delete them simultaneously by pressing the ____ key as you click each object.


Dragging or sizing affects only a ____.

selected object

Which of the following is the path to the Insert Video button?

(INSERT tab | Media group)

PowerPoint’s ____ feature allows you to set the timing for a video clip.

Trim Video

You can set play options for a video clip with buttons in the Video Options group on the ____ tab.


The Trim Video feature allows you to trim your clip by time measurements that are accurate to ____ of a second.


____ allow you to control how objects enter, move on, and exit slides.

Animation effects

____ includes special visual and sound effects applied to text or other content.


____ effects determine how slide elements first appear on a slide.


____ effects determine how slide elements disappear.


____ effects modify text and objects displayed on the screen.


Tap or click the ____ up or down arrows to adjust a delay time.


Instead of printing and distributing a hard copy of a document, you can distribute the document ____.


There are ____ standard colors for text in a theme.


PowerPoint’s varied themes and ____ help give presentations a unified and aesthetically pleasing look.


Every theme has ____ standard colors.


Printing ____ is useful for reviewing a presentation.


If you want to conserve ink or toner, you can instruct PowerPoint to print ____ documents.

draft quality

To save a presentation, tap or click the Save button on the ____.

Quick Access Toolbar

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