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What is the difference between the inherent and delegated powers of the presidency?

Delegated powers are given by Congress, whereas inherent powers are inferred from the Constitution as being a necessary part of the office

How has the process of selecting the president changed during the history of the United States?

Election has become somewhat more direct by giving over selection of electors to the people

Which of the following statements about the president’s Cabinet are correct?

1. Correct Answers: -The Cabinet consists of the secretaries of the major departments of the federal government, -The Cabinet makes no formal group decisions 2. Incorrect Answers: -The Cabinet is partially responsible to the Senate, -The Cabinet is provided for by the Constitution, but the wording about its makeup is vague

Which aspect of the Executive Office of the President gives the president the most influence over the nation’s legislative policy?

Office of Management and Budget

In which of the following ways do executive agreements differ from executive orders?

Executive agreements relate to the foreign policy realm; executive orders apply more to domestic executive management

The vice president plays a role in the legislative process

By serving as the presiding officer of the Senate, where he or she can vast in the event of a tie

Which of the following statements about the evolution of the presidential tactic of "going public" is accurate?

Reaching out directly to the people in the nineteenth century was considered uncouth and could damage a president politically

In which of the following ways can a vice president help a president?

1. Correct Answers: -Strengthen a presidential candidate in policy areas where they lack experience, -Run important policy endeavors on behalf of the president, -Provide electoral support in regions of the country where a presidential candidate is weak 2. Incorrect Answers: Vote for presidential legislation as it moves to the floor of the House of Representatives

In which of the following ways does the use of signing statements by presidents differ from the use of executive orders?

Executive orders usually create new policies, while signing statements alter a policy already passed by Congress

How does the White House staff differ from the Executive Office of the President?

The White House staff performs work and gives advice that is generally broader and more political in nature

Which of the following characteristics describe the electoral college?

1. Correct Answers: – Most states give all of their electoral votes to whichever candidate receives the most popular votes in the state, -The electoral college over represent small states 2. Incorrect Answers: -A state’s number of electors is equal to its number of House representatives, -The candidate with the majority of the popular vote wins

Match the description on the left with the presidential action that is an example on the right.

-Signing Statement: President Reagan announces his interpretation of a law as he is approving it -Executive Order: President Obama issues a decree stopping the deportation of undocumented immigrants -Regulatory Review: President Obama orders agencies to delete rules that he believes to be obsolete

Match the example of presidential power on the left to the type of power it demonstrates on the right

1. Inherent power: -Send US troops into military engagements 2. Expressed Power: -Appoint, remove, and supervise all executive officers, and appoint all federal judges (with Senate approval), -Veto acts of Congress, -Command the nation’s armed forces 3. Delegated Power: -Set rules concerning fair competition in key economic sectors, -Adjust duties on manufactured goods

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