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Which of the following statements about the forces that shape public opinion is NOT true?

Presidents rarely attempt to influence public support for the policies they are promoting.

Which of following phenomena is NOT an illustration of the gender gap?

Men are more likely to join political parties and other social organizations

What is one of the main differences between those who have gone to college and those who have not?

There is a higher level of political participation among those with a college education

Which of the following statements about the political opinions of Democrats and Republicans in the public is most accurate?

Differences between the political opinions of Democrats and Republicans on a wide variety of policy questions are greater today than during any other period in the last forty years.

Which of the following statements best describes perceptions of racism among blacks and whites?

Blacks are more likely than whites to believe that racism is very common in the United States today

One recent survey showed that two-thirds of Americans believe the government is spending "too little" money on "assistance for the poor." Yet, another survey conducted at the same time found that only one-tenth of Americans believe that the government is spending "too little" on "welfare." This example shows that:

small differences in the wording of a question can lead to very different response patterns

If a person does not know anything about a proposed piece of legislation but supports it because Barack Obama endorsed it, we would say the person:

reached their decision through the use of an informational shortcut

Based on recent polling data, what percentage of Americans is worried about government monitoring of personal information?

56 percent

The term public opinion is used to describe:

beliefs and attitudes toward different issues, events, and people

Which of the following statements about governmental public relations efforts is NOT true?

Due to its size and power, the government is always successful at influencing public opinion

The small group selected by pollsters to represent the entire population is called the:


Families, social groups, and schools are important institutions where people are politically socialize


If I decide to support a candidate because I see that he or she is the front-runner in a poll, I become an example of:

the bandwagon effect

A political ideology is best defined as

a cohesive set of beliefs that form a general philosophy about the government

The process by which underlying political values are formed is known as:

political socialization

During the formation of an individual’s initial political orientation, the influence of family counts for very little


The concept of a marketplace of ideas refers to

the competition between varying opinions and ideas that are aired in public forums

Recent studies by political scientists have shown that

the average American exhibits little knowledge about political institutions, processes, or leaders

Which of the following is NOT true (about political elites)?

Political elites cannot influence people’s ideas and beliefs

Research into public opinion and public policy has shown that

more-affluent and more-educated citizens have a disproportionate influence over politics and public-policy decisions

A survey of 1,000 people can be effective for measuring the opinions of all Americans.


The controversial nature of affirmative action reveals that

different policy preferences can be based on different practical interpretations of the same principle

Push polls are scientific surveys designed to assess the public’s support for a policy or candidate by using a probability sample.


Liberalism and conservatism are good examples of

political ideologies

Opposition to legalized abortion is a position most likely supported by ______, while support for legalized abortion is a position most likely supported by ______.

conservatives; liberals

Levels of education have not been shown to affect one’s political opinions


People’s political party preferences are primarily acquired through the influence of

their families

Which of the following terms describe America’s fundamental political values?

liberty, equality, and democracy

______ is the core political value most highly prized by American conservatives


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