Physical Fitness Attitudes

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Vigorous exercise should provide a significant challenge to your cardiorespiratory system.


One-fourth of adults in the United States are not active at all.


The benefits of physical fitness include an improvement in mood.


Which of the following conditions is unaffected by physical activity?

C. skin cancer

Physical fitness attitudes are set during childhood and cannot change.


Generally, those who are less active have no opportunities to exercise.


Mental and emotional health can be improved through exercise.


Which of the following is NOT an important positive motivating factor for those considering exercise?

B. reducing time commitments to family

A negative attitude can cause you to eat in an unhealthy manner.


The average 8- to 18-year-old spends __________ per day on average in front of a screen doing very little to no physical activity.

3 hours or more

According to the CC, which percentage of Americans between the age of 12 and 21 doesn’t exercise on a regular basis?


Generally, those who are less active have no opportunities to exercise.


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