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A solution containing HCl would likely have

a low pH and a high pOH.

The pH of a solution decreases by 2.0. How does the hydronium ion concentration of the solution change?

increases to 100 times the original concentration

Which describes an alkaline solution?

acidic (NOT CORRECT)

Which of these correctly defines the pH of a solution?

the negative log of the hydronium ion concentration

What is the pH of a solution with [H+] = 1.25 mc015-1.jpg 10-10 M?
Use mc015-2.jpg.


Which statement best describes the pH of pure water?

It is neutral because the concentration of hydronium ions equals that of hydroxide ions.

How can the pH of a solution be calculated if the pOH is known?

by subtracting the pOH from 14

What is the equilibrium constant of pure water at 25°C?


A substance with a high [H+ ] would likely have which additional characteristics?

a low [OH- ] and a low pOH (NOT CORRECT)

Which would most likely be the pH of a highly-corrosive acid?


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