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What is communication?

blah blah blah

How can financial issues affect parenting?

it can put a strain or stress on the parent

Parents should start a constructive criticism conversation with what?

A positive note

About one in every five children in the United States lives in poverty.


The effects of divorce may not be the same for all children.


Parents should wait before criticizing out of anger or frustration.


Talking about social issues and their effects on the family can be difficult for parents.


What is true about the media’s effects on families and children?

The media can have both positive and negative effects.

Communication is not very important until a child is old enough to understand expectations and consequences.


About how many children in the United States live in low income families?


What is true about teen pregnancy and parenting?

Teen parents may have trouble finding jobs.

One of the techniques to improve communication is to what?

Be a good listener

Parents should avoid sharing their own mistakes with children.


Parents should take care to keep their verbal communication positive, but they don’t need to worry about their nonverbal language.


What may be an effect of divorce on a young child?

All of the above

The teenage pregnancy rate in the United States has been falling over the past decade.


How should parents communicate with children?

Get down to the child’s level to talk.

There are no disadvantages to nuclear families.


Stereotypes have very little effect on families.


Families exist in every culture around the world.


Parents can play an important part in helping children adjust to a new culture or a new area.


Which of the following is an advantage of nuclear families?

Clearer parenting direction

What can a parent do to help a child adjust to a new culture or area?

All of the above

What was an effect of the Black Plague on families?

Individuals were able to marry at a younger age.

During Colonial times in North America, there were laws that single men and women had to live alone.


Polygamy is which of the following?

The practice of having two or more wives.

What is true of extended families?

Extended families may include grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and others.

Cultural bias is only a problem outside of North America.


What is true about colonial families?

Higher mortality rates led to remarriage and blended families.

Fictive kin are individuals included in the family group due to feelings of affection.


What is true about an egalitarian family?

Power is distributed equally among the adult members of the family.

What is true about stereotypes?

They are typically generalized and simplified notions about a group.

Parents should help children and teens find age appropriate volunteer experiences.


All of the activities of 4-H are related to agriculture today.


The idea of personal growth began in the 1970s.


Striving to reach goals is an important part of personal growth.


Youth organizations typically focus on individuals between the ages of 15 and 24, although some may include younger individuals as well.


Jamborees in the scouting movement are which of the following?

Camping with a larger number of scouts

Which youth organization is focused on teaching youth about business related topics?

Junior Achievement

What is the process of gaining skills, knowledge, and experience that can enhance your life, contribute to achieving your full potential, and help you reach your goals or aspirations?

Personal development

Which of the following is a possible benefit of participating in youth organizations?

All of the above

Parents should not try to encourage teens to volunteer as it will just make them not want to do it.


The Boys and Girls Club of America often serves at-risk youth in its programs.


About how many individuals were members of scouting organizations in 2011 worldwide?

41 million

SADD was originally founded around what topic?

Drunk driving

What might be an appropriate volunteer activity for young children?

Creating snack backpacks for homeless children

Personal growth can include aspects such as improving self-confidence, developing talents or skills, strengthening personal identity, developing social skills, and taking positive steps to reach a goal.


By the time a child is about three, about how many brain connections will be present on average?

One trillion

Adult brains have about five times the number of connections that a three year old has.


Parents should avoid using all forms of technology since there are few benefits to use it.


Augmentive communication tools help children do what?

Produce or understand spoken or written language

Playing music or singing to a child is one way to help encourage brain development.


What is true about technology and parenting?

All of the above

When we are born, we have about how many brain cells?


The "prime time" for auditory and visual development is around what age?

4 to 5 years

When a child has reached about the age of ten, their brains begin to reduce some of the connections between brain cells.


Parents can do very little to encourage brain development in their children.


Children with autism may benefit from which of the following to help them communicate?

Visual representation systems

Dyslexic children may need which of the following to help them learn to read?

Alternative learning strategies

Genie’s story indicates what about brain development?

There are critical periods for a child’s brain development

Assistive technology is used by whom?

Individuals with disabilities or other limitations.

Adaptive switches can be used to do what?

Turn appliances on and off

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