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3 times when you need Hazard Communication Training

o Annually o New Hire o Introduce New Chemical

How many cycles of CPR do you do before checking


First Aid steps for someone who is bleeding on the job site:

o Survey o Recognize o Elevate o Pressure o Treat for shock

What is used to address what needs to be done on a jobsite


Who would be treated first to last
o Head Injury Conscious
o Impaled in Leg
o Person With no movement or breathing
o Unconscious

o Head Injury Conscious -4 o Impaled in Leg -3 o Person With no movement or breathing -1 o Unconscious -2

How much time do you have to call OSHA with an accident, fatality, or 3 or more employees to the hospital

8 Hours

Name 2 potential exposure controls needed when respiratory infection and blood is present

Gloves and Mask

What type of program does management implement that gives all employees value

Behavioral Based Program

What is the minimum weight for a scaffold to support

The scaffolds weight plus 4 times the maximum load

What item is placed on a 300 Log, and through what dates must it be posted?

o Recordable o Posted From Feb 1 to May 1

What height do you have to have railing on stairs

42 inches or 4th step

What does the investigator need to find out

The root cause

What is an accident where no one is hurt

Near Miss

What is the number of fire extinguishers needed on a 5 story building with 1000 sq ft floors


Where does a company meet for accountability when exiting

Accountability Space

Acceptable 02 content of a confined space

19.5 – 22.5

What is the documents that defines the SOP


Shock symptoms

o Face is red, raise the head o Face is pale, raise the tale (feet) o Difficulty breathing, use semi-sit up position

Signs and Symptoms of Hypertension

headache, high blood pressure, low blood sugar

Fire Tetrahedron

Oxygen, Fuel, Temperature, Chain Reaction

Classifications of fires

o A – trash, ash, paper, etc. o B – Boiling liquids o C – CO2 for Electrical currents o D – Copper based for metals o K – Kitchen Grease fires o Halen only used by Military because it stays in the Ozone

SF needed for fire extinguishers

1 per 3000 SF per floor)

SDS Section Numbers (Part 1)

ID Identification

SDS Section Numbers (Part 2)

Hazard ID

SDS Section Numbers (Part 4)

First Aid

SDS Section Numbers (Part 5)

Fire fighting

SDS Section Numbers (Part 7)

Handling & Storage

SDS Section Numbers (Part 8)

PPE/Exposure Controls

SDS Section Numbers (Part 16)

Other / 704 Marker

Ladder Ratio

4 to 1 ratio (4 feet up to 1 foot out)

When must ladder be tied off to building

20 feet up and 5 feet out

Can a crane lift a load at a 90 degree angle


When must you tie off in steel erection

30 ft

When can you work under a suspended load in steel erection

Must be certified and insured to work under a suspended load

In Excavations, what must be done when you dig 20′ or more down

must have a structural engineer approve

If a trench is 2 feet deep without any shoring, what can be done to bring it into compliance?

Nothing, it is not out of compliance

Must shield welder and any employees working within ____ feet of hot work with amber glasses/goggles

20 ft

Must call OSHA if …

Fatality and 3 or more injured on same incident

Keep training records for …

5 years

Keep incident records for

5 years

Keep Hazard Exposure for

30 years

300 Log ("300 Law")

90 days Recordable

General Duty Clause

Employer is responsible for a safe work site regardless of OSHA standards

OSHA Inspections done by an __________


Only _____________ can issue fines

Area Director

Less than _____ People on payroll, OSHA does not cover

10 people

New term for PPE

Exposure Controls

When must you have SDS meeting

o 1 a year o Incident o Pre Job Training

4 most common health hazards:

Chemical Biological Physical Health Ergonomic


Odor test Rainbow test

How many workers die a day


how many workers die annually


How many non fatal injuries in 1 year

4 million

If man is buried unbury his ______ before anything else



Without Oxygen

Most excavation accidents occur between how many feet

5 to 15 feet

At what depth do you typically need a trench box

5 feet

Excavation’s biggest risk is


How far away must spoil be placed away from an excavation

over 2 feet away

Where do you need ladders in an excavation

Ladder every 25′ and 3′ above trench

Test excavations more than ____ deep for O2 and hazardous gases

4 feet


PPE(gloves, BBP,, check for Unc, control bleeding by Direct pressure , elevation, pressure points, constriction band hs distal pulse, "T"- last resort to save life and possibly loose the limb Dressing once applied do not remove Report- 100% reporting all situations


Internal bleeding Ice for 20 minutes with cloth between skin and ice

Shock- silent killer

Treat for shock Position, check ABC, Temp and no fluids


Broken bones-Check CAB, control bleeding, splint above and below, sling and check distal pulse (neck and spine leave where they lie unless danger of area)


Solution to the pollution is dilution-chemical burns Electrical- current then entrance and exits with dry dressing Solution- dilute Dry- brush then flush Loose dressing due to swelling


Chill factor- wind and wetness Remove from area and remove wet clothing and warm

Heat stroke

Hot red and dry- emergency Cool immediately- do not use ice bucket Water and fan or place cold items under neck, groin, arm pits

Heat exhaustion

Pale cool and CLAMMY Dehydration- remove from area and allow to sip of water with sugar 8 hours to rehydrate ( tell employees to check urine color and employers must furnish water on all sites)

Muscle cramp

Stretch the muscle and check diet Potassium- banana and kiwi Apple cider- two tablespoon


Check current, then CAB, and then entrance and exit Blows at the joint due to fluids May need AED

Impaled objects

May need to secure and leave in unless in the chest area

Toxic gases

Proper ppe to enter Remove from the area


Remove and treat for internal bleeding and shock

Heart attack

Chest pain or back pain Take aspirin, cough, call 911 and sit down Unc: Check CAB and may need CPR/AED


Insulin and sugar level problem Should know that employee has this condition- alert bracelet Give sugar or coke if conscious Glucose paste ( heat and alcoholic beverages can cause sugar levels to be up or down)

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