O, Brother, Where Art Thou Compared to The Odyssey

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Blind railroad conductor prophesizes the future of the main characters.

Tiresias prophesizes the future of Odysseus and his crew in Land of the Dead.

Ulysuss Evert McGee: Cunning, quick-tongued, sharp, leader, wants to go home and see his family.

Odysseus: Cunning, quick-tongued, sharp, leader, wants to go home to see his family.

Characters disguised as KKK to free Tommy.

Odysseus and his crew hide under the sheep to escape from Polyphemus.

Big Dan T’s death by the flaming, wooden cross.

Polyphemus’ blindness caused by the flaming spear.

Evert’s constant concern for his hair. (Use of hair products and hair nets, his pride.)

Odysseus’ pride and tragic flaw.

Singing about their lives for money.

Odysseus telling King Alcinous about his tale for a ship ride home.

Pete and Delmar: Go along with everything Evert suggests, Pete ends up going to jail again and all three become outlaws because of it.

Odysseus’ crew: Go along with everything Odysseus suggests, end up dead because of it.

Wear beards/disguises to sneak into political rally so Evert can talk to Penny.

Odysseus is disguised by Athena so he may talk to Penny at his house without the suitors knowing.

The baptizing scene: Pete and Delmar repent their sins, while Evert does not. They feel happy and forget about the treasure for awhile.

The Lotus Eater: Some of Odysseus’ crew eat the lotus, but Odysseus doesn not. They are happy and forget of home.

Pete’s betraying cousin reports the three convicts to the police.

Not directly paralleled, but represents the obstacles that had to be overcome in order to achieve their goal.

Governer Menelaus (Pappy O’Daniel Flower) trying to maintain control.

King Menelaus.

Three girls singing in the river

The Sirens

Big Dan T has one eye; "kills their friend"; attacks them.

Polyphemus, the cyclops; kills crew members; attacks them all.

The sheriff in pursuit of the escaped convicts.

Zeus getting angry with the crew and killing them… I think.

The three Harvey girls don’t recognize their Father. Even when Evert tells them it’s him, they don’t believe him.

Telemachus doesn’t recognize his own Father while he’s disguised, and even when Odysseus reveals himself, Telemachus is still in disbelief and thinks that it is a God.

Vernon T. Waldrup

The suitors.

Penny: Loves Evert but almost decides on Vernon. Although, in the end, she decides on Evert. Refused to acknowledge he was there.

Penelope: Loves Odysseus but decides to hold a contest for the suitors, but she ends up with Odysseus. Refused to believe it was actually him.

Evert has to get the wedding rings in order to marry Penny.

The bed test.

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