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A family of organic compounds soluble in organic solvents but not in water is called:


About 95% of the lipids in foods and in the human body are:


DRI recommendations concerning intakes of fats include:
a. consume up to 35% of calories as fat
b. keep saturated fat intake as low as possible
c. keep cholesterol intake at 100 mg
d. a and b
e. a and c

consume up to 35% of calories as fat and keep saturated fat intake as low as possible

Approximately what percent calories from fat would be provided by a bowl of soup containing 200 calories and 99 calories from fat?


As you are deciding how much fat to include in your meal, which aspects of its contribution in foods would you want to consider?

fat in your meal will contribute to satiety, the feeling of fullness after a meal

Characteristics of the essential fatty acids include:
a. they must be supplied by the diet.
b. they can be made from the substances in the body.
c. they are polyunsaturated fatty acids.
d. b and c
e. a and c

They must be supplied by the diet and they are polyunsaturated fatty acids

Fatty acids may differ from one another:
a. in length
b. in degree of saturation
c. in number of calories
d. a and b
e. b and c

in length and in degree of saturation

If the fat in a container is solid at room temperature, what type of fat is it?

saturated fat

EPA and DHA are:

found in the oils of fish.

All of the following statements concerning cholesterol are true except:
a. it is a part of every cell.
b. it is an essential nutrient.
c. it is important in the structure of brain and nerve cells.
d. it can be made by the body.

it is an essential nutrient

Nutrient characteristics of nuts that may lower heart disease risk include:
a. they are high in dietary fiber.
b. they contain vitamin E, an antioxidant.
c. they are low in total fat.
d. a and b
e. a and c

they are high in dietary fiber and they contain vitamin E, an antioxidant

The best way to increase consumption of omega-3 fatty acids is to:

consume 2 fish meals per week.

Ocean fish has been suggested to provide health benefits if eaten on a regular basis. What would be your recommendation for whether or not to eat fish?

fatty fish has been shown in studies to be beneficial in reducing blood triglyceride levels

The current advice on following a diet to prevent heart disease is to:

substitute olive oil for saturated and trans fat in spreads and sauces.

The lipoproteins LDL and HDL are important in heart disease risk because of the following properties and actions:

HDL play an important role in scavenging cholesterol from the tissues for disposal.

The main dietary factor associated with elevated blood cholesterol is:

high saturated and trans fat intake.

To determine whether the main type of fatty acid in a fat is saturated or unsaturated the following guidance can be used:

oils that remain a clear color in the refrigerator are unsaturated.

What would you tell a person who says "We shouldn’t eat fat because all it does is make us gain weight"?

You are not correct, because fats provide most of the energy to fuel the work of our muscles.

Which of the following is not a desirable blood lipid value?
a. low total cholesterol
b. high LDL
c. high HDL
d. low blood triglycerides

high ldl

Which of the following would be the best dietary advice for someone who needs to lower her blood cholesterol levels?
a. there is nothing you can do with your diet if you have a genetic tendency toward high blood cholesterol
b. you need to drastically limit the amount of cholesterol-containing foods in your diet
c. reduce the intake of saturated and trans fat in your diet to lower LDL levels in the blood
d. increase HDL levels in the blood by eating more grains, fruits, and vegetables

reduce the intake of saturated and trans fat in your diet to lower LDL levels in the blood

In making recommendations for protein intake, the committee on DRI took into consideration that the protein in a normal diet would be:

a combination of animal and plant sources.

The DRI Committee recommends _____ percent of total calories as the minimum amount of protein.


The DRI for protein depends on:


The DRI for protein for healthy adults is _____ gram(s) per kilogram of body weight.


Which of the following is found in protein but not in carbohydrate or fat?
a. carbon
b. hydrogen
c. nitrogen
d. oxygen


Which of the following accounts for the differences among the various amino acids?
a. the amine group
b. the side chain
c. the acid group
d. a and b
e. b and c

the side chain

How many amino acids are considered to be essential amino acids?


Which of the following groups of the USDA Food Guide contribute(s) an abundance of high-quality protein?
a. vegetable
b. milk
c. meat
d. a and b
e. b and c

milk and meat

A 135-pound woman needs how much protein?

49 grams/day

A boy 10 years old is going through a growth spurt. Because he needs to build new muscle tissue, what should his nitrogen status be?

positive nitrogen balance

A person who lost a large amount of weight during an illness has been advised by a health food store employee that he should add amino acid supplements to his diet to help in weight gain. What would you tell this person?

if he needs additional protein for recovery it should be as whole protein because the digestive system can handle that form better

A young man has said to you that he is eating much more protein in his diet than the recommendation but he feels he needs the extra amount just in case he wants to build more muscle mass in the near future. How would you respond to him?

if he has excess calories in his diet, he may gain fat weight from converted protein

All of the following are needed for the body to synthesize protein except:
a. adequate carbohydrate and fat.
b. an adequate total amount of protein.
c. all essential amino acids in the proper amounts.
d. amino acid supplements.

amino acid supplements

An adolescent girl has decided to adhere to a vegetarian diet and has selected a tossed green salad, whole-wheat crackers, and apple juice for lunch. What would you advise her about her complementary protein sources?

adding garbanzo beans to her salad would provide the protein combination she needs

In times of energy shortage from carbohydrates or fats in foods, the body uses protein in what way?

it removes the nitrogen portion and burns the remaining fragments for energy

The stomach lining is protected from the very strong acid of the stomach by:

a coat of mucus.

A 3-year-old child from a homeless family has been brought into the health clinic with a swollen belly, fluid buildup around her ankles, brittle hair, and irritability. Her mother has been feeding her mostly bread and dry cereal over the past several months. Providers suspect that she may have which form of PEM?


Compared to meat eaters, vegetarians tend to have:
a. higher death rates from heart disease.
b. healthier body weights.
c. lower blood pressure.
d. a and b
e. b and c

healthier body weights and lower blood pressure

Examples of complementary protein combinations include all of the following except:
a. pasta with tomato sauce.
b. rice and black-eyed peas.
c. whole-wheat cereal with almonds.
d. peanut butter and jelly on whole-wheat bread.

pasta with tomato sauce

Our body has the need to eat protein-containing foods regularly because:

we need essential amino acids that can only be provided by foods.

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