Networking Plus Chapter Three

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A hexadecimal number is a number written in the base 16 number system.


DNS follows a centralized database model, allowing for easier management of DNS records.


ICANN is responsible for restrictions on use of the .com, .org, and .net TLDs


Each organization that provides host services on the public Internet is responsible for providing and maintaining DNS authoritative servers for public access.


An IPv6 address consists of 128 bits that are written as 10 blocks of hexadecimal numbers separated by colons.


At the root level of the DNS hierarchical structure, 13 clusters of root servers hold information used to locate TLD servers.


The 1024 – 65535 range of ports is also known as the "well-known" range.


UDP port 123 is utilized by the Network Time Protocol service.


When using IPv6, two or more nodes on the same link are said to be neighbors.


The FTP protocol utilizes UDP, while TFTP uses TCP for data transmission


At the Transport layer of the OSI, what is used to find and communicate with a particular application running on a host?

Port numbers

With a FQDN of, what part is the domain name?

How can you determine the manufacturer of a NIC card based on the MAC address?

The first 24 bits, known as the Organizationally Unique Identifier, identify the manufacturer.

What command can you utilize to display TCP/IP configuration information for each network adapter installed?

ipconfig /all

Which of the following IP addresses would be a loopback IP address?

What text editor can be used on Linux to view and edit the contents of a configuration file?


On a Linux-based system, what command can be used to display TCP/IP information associated with every interface on the system?

ifconfig -a

Which of the following IPv6 addresses represents a global unicast address?


Which of the following protocols is used as a signaling protocol for the initial connection between hosts, but does not participate in data transfer during the session?


What is by far the most popular DNS server software available?


Your supervisor has asked you to configure a new prototype network with a dual stack configuration. What does this mean?

Both IPv4 and IPv6 protocols will be used on the network.

What utility is used to verify that TCP/IP installed, bound to the NIC, configured correctly, and communicating with the network?


You are troubleshooting a network issue on a client computer and discover that the network card has an IP address of What does this mean?

The computer is configured to use DHCP, but was unable to lease an address.

What part of a MAC address serves as the extension identifier, or device ID?

The last 24 bits of the MAC address.

In the classful addressing scheme, what range of network addresses is considered a Class B?

128.0.x.y to 191.255.x.y

How do routers create a broadcast domain boundary?

They do not forward broadcast traffic.

Which of the following is NOT a range of IP addresses recommended for use in private networks? through

When using DHCP for IPv6 (i.e. DHCPv6), what port do clients receive responses on?

Port 547

What type of IPv6 address is fe80::8cf1:2c42:ffde:da1c?

Multicast address

If a host’s IPv6 address contains the network adapter’s MAC address within the last 64 bits of the IPv6 address, what standard is being used?


Encrypted control of remote computers using the RDP protocol is accomplished using what port number?

TCP 3389

What statement regarding the Server Message Block protocol is accurate?

It is used by Windows and UNIX-based operating systems to share files.

What is the ARPA domain suffix utilized for?

It is used for reverse DNS queries, and holds PTR records.

In a DNS zone, what type of record holds the name-to-address mapping for IPv6 addresses?

AAAA record

You are setting up a DNS zone and have been asked to create SPF and DKIM records. What type of DNS record will hold this information?

TXT record

What does the MX record do in a forward DNS zone?

It identifies the e-mail server to be used for e-mail traffic for the domain.

You are troubleshooting a DNS issue on a Linux system, and need to test the resolution of your domain MX record using Google’s DNS server with the IP address of What dig command will accomplish this?

dig query domain type mx

What command can be used to check a domain computer’s time source from a Command Prompt window?

w32tm /query /source

A Windows computer on your network is having issues resolving queries for a specific domain, but not other domains. Other computers on the same network resolve the name just fine. What command can you issue that might fix the problem?

ipconfig /flushdns

In the DNS hierarchy, where is information about how to find the top-level domain servers held?

On the DNS root servers.

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