Nationalism and the spread of Democracy

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Why did Metternich urge conservatives leaders to suppress revolutionary ideas?

He believed conservative leaders would defend peace and stability

Why did the majority of European uprisings fail?

The uprisings failed as a result of military force and a lack of popular support

What was the main reason Bolivar and other educated creoles admired the American and French Revolutions?

They valued the Enlightenment ideals of freedom and individual rights

How was France’s Second Republic divided from the start?

Liberals wanted moderate reform, whereas socialists wanted far-reaching social changes

Who led rebels in Haiti to win independence from France?

Toussaint L’Overture

Which group gained the most as a result of the Latin American revolutions?


Which of the following was an immediate effect of the revolutions of 1848 in Europe?

the fall of Metternich

Who led Hungarian nationalists in an 1848 revolt?

Louis Kossuth

What was the goal of young Italy?

to unite Italy into an independent, republican nation

How did Germany increase its power in the late 1800s?

It became an industrial giant

What was one post-unification issue that encouraged some Italians to emigrate?

rapid population growth

What was Chancellor Otto Von Bismarck’s main goal?

to increase the power of Prussia

What was a major factor in Germany’s rise to power?

It maintained a strong industrial economy.

Why was nationalism particularly important for Italian after unification?

Italy was controlled by several foreign nations

In an attempt to gain control of the working class, Bismarck did which of the following?

offered benefits such as healthcare

Which of the following was a new challenge for Italy after unification?

Regional differences made governing difficult

Which role did Mazzini play in Italian unification?

He dreamed of a united Italy and took the first steps to achieving it

Which statement best explains industrialization in Italy?

Industrialization caused urbanization and a population boom

Which of the following was one of the major influences of Queen Victoria?

adhering to the traditional values of the time period

What did Emmeline Pankhurst mean when she said, "It is through property that we shall strike the enemy"?

Destroying property would make the greatest political statement

What major reform was enacted in France in the early 1900s?

Church and state were legally seperated

As Parliament became increasingly democratic, what was the effect on the house of lords?

the house of lords eventually became a ceremonial body with little power

Which solution did Zionists propose for the problem of widespread Anti-Semitism?

the formation of a separate Jewish state

Which description best describes the effect of Queen Victoria’s reign on the middle class in Great Britain?

the growth of the empire continued to increase their confidence

Which tactics did women use to fight for suffrage in Britain?

holding hunger strikes, staging peaceful protests, and destroying public property

How did the Dreyfus Affair affect democratic reforms in France?

It resulted in the triumph of justice, but lead to increased Anti-Semitism

Which of the following was a cause of democratic reforms in England?

The house of lords could veto the house of commons

Which reforms did the Paris commune want in government?

they wanted to save the republic from royalists

Which of the following resulted in doubling the size of the United States?

the Louisiana purchase

What was the purpose of the Seneca Falls convention?

to address women’s rights issues

How did immigration contribute to economic growth after the civil war?

immigration provided large numbers of low-cost workers for US businesses

Which of these is an example of America expanding upon the idea of Manifest Destiny?

it became an imperialist nation as it annexed the Hawiian islands

How did the fifteenth amendment expand democracy in the United States?

It gave African American men the right to vote

Which movement is most associated with the birth of the women’s rights movement?

the abolitionist movement

Which factor most encouraged settlement in California after 1849?

gold was discovered in the Sierra Nevada mountains

In which ways were innovations in industry and economic growth related?

railroads and new technology helped expand farming and industry

Why was Manifest Destiny questioned?

abolitionists worried about the spread of slavery

What was Frederick Douglass’s contribution to abolitionism?

He was a former slave who spoke out against the institution of slavery

How did nationalist feeling endanger the Austro-Hungarian empire?

the slavic groups within the nation kept fighting for independence

What was the main reason for Russian expansionism in the 1800s?

attempt to gain a warm-water port

What kind of power did tsars hold in Russia?

they had absolute power to make all decisions

What did the Crimean War reveal about Russia?

how it lagged behind other European nations

Which of the following was a result of poor industrial working conditions in Russia?

radicals gained support among the workers

Which of the following happened after nationalism in the ottoman empire led to revolts?

other European countries invaded, taking what they could

Which of the following was the immediate result of emancipating the serfs in Russia?

the serfs were unable to purchase the land on which they had worked and were poor and discontent

Which of these statements describes the characteristics of autocratic rule in Russia?

a royal family whose leader controls all aspects of life, including food and religion

How was the location of Crimea significant?

it had port access to the Black Sea

Which of the following resulted from France giving Russia a loan to build the Trans-Siberian highway?

France developed a political alliance with Russia

Why did Franz Joseph’s attempts to reform Austria-Hungray fail?

The reforms did not provide solutions for the problems of most of the people in the empire

What aspect of the french revolution inspired creole leaders like simon bolivar?

the ideals of liberty, equality, and fraternity

Which statement correctly identifies one aspect of Realpolitik?

power is more important than principles

How did victor emmanuel contain political unrest after unification?

he extended voting rights and instituted social reforms

Which of the following is considered a success of Napoleon III’s reign?

a new french constitution was written

Which answer best describes one effect of free enterprise in the United States?

it brought conflict between labor and management

Which of the following was most directly related to the decline of the Hapsburg empire?

nationalists sentiments from ethnic groups in the empire

Which answer best describes how the people participated in changing their governments in Eastern Europe and Russia?

they participated in protests and strikes

What was the spark that finally ignited widespread rebellion in Latin America?

Napoleon’s invasion of Spain

Which answer best describes how the Dreyfus Affair affected French society?

it pitted royalists and the church against liberal and republicans

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