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What is the overall texture of the final couplet of Josquin’s Ave Maria . . . virgo serena?


What is the vocal range of the first voice that sings in this excerpt?(Ave Maria)


What is the meter heard in this section of the work?(Ave Maria)


Which best describes the texture heard in the opening of Josquin’s Ave Maria?(Ave Maria)

imitative polyphony

In what language are the words being sung in this work?(Ave Maria)


Singing without instrumental accompaniment, as heard in this example, is called (Ave Maria):

a cappella

Which best describes the voices heard in this excerpt?(Ave Maria)

voice pairs (SA/TB) in close imitation

Which of the following is true in regard to this excerpt?(Ave Maria)

The melody quotes a chant

What term best describes the meter heard in this excerpt?(Ave Maria)


Which of the following best describes the excerpt heard here? (Ave Maria)

It is a personal plea to the Virgin Mary

Which best describes the text setting of the opening word "Alleluia" in Hildegard’s Alleluia, O virga mediatrix?(Hildegard’s Alleluia)


The alternation between soloist and chorus heard in this Alleluia is best described as ___________ singing(Hildegard’s Alleluia)


Which term best describes the rhythm of this Alleluia?(Hildegard’s Alleluia)

free, or nonmetric

The melodic range in this excerpt is considered (Hildegard’s Alleluia)

in a wider range

In the third section of this piece the music returns to the original melodic material, making this work an example of what kind of form?
(Hildegard’s Alleluia)


Which term best describes the texture heard in this Alleluia?(Hildegard’s Alleluia)


What phrase best describes the movement of the melody in this excerpt?(Hildegard’s Alleluia)

mostly conjunct

What best describes the performing forces heard in this excerpt?(Hildegard’s Alleluia)

a cappella soloist

"Rejoice greatly"

Which term best describes the elaborate melodies on words like "rejoice?"(Handel’s Messiah)


What is the vocal range of the singer in this excerpt?(Handel’s Messiah)


This middle section of the aria (Handel’s Messiah):

makes a shift to a minor tonality.

How does this third section of the aria differ from the first section?(Handel’s Messiah)

It is highly embellished.

The instrumental music heard here is called a (Handel’s Messiah):


"Hallelujah Chorus"

Which best describes the performing forces in this work?(Handel’s Messiah)

full chorus and orchestra

Which best describes the texture when the voices enter in the opening section singing "hallelujah?"(Handel’s Messiah)


How does the texture in this section differ from the first section? (Handel’s Messiah)

It is now polyphonic.

Which instrument(s) in this piece serve to add a mood of significance and honor?(Handel’s Messiah)

trumpets and timpani

Which best describes the tempo of this excerpt? (Handel’s Messiah)


What voice ranges are present in this chorus? (Handel’s Messiah)

All answers are correct

What texture is heard in this passage? (Handel’s Messiah)


The texture in the opening phrase of this work is: (Palestrina Mass)


The overall harmony in this work is best described as (Palestrina Mass)


How is this work sung in this recording?(Palestrina Mass)

a cappella

The text setting in each vocal melody is mostly (Palestrina Mass):


Which of the following most significantly helps to create a solemn tone in the piece?(Palestrina Mass)

A slow tempo

Which of the following best describes the texture of this excerpt?(Palestrina Mass)

predominantly homorhythmic

Which of the following is true in regard to this excerpt?(Palestrina Mass)

The words are easily heard

What language is heard in this work?(Palestrina Mass)


This opening passage, known as a(n) _______, serves to unify the entire concerto movement. (Vivaldi Four Seasons)


In this episode, Vivaldi evokes the sound of singing birds through the use special effects like staccato notes, running scales, and ____. (Vivaldi Four Seasons)


In this episode Vivaldi is attempting to depict ____. (Vivaldi Four Seasons)

thunder and lightning

The tempo of this excerpt is best described as ____. (Vivaldi Four Seasons)


In this excerpt a phrase is repeated. What changes in the second statement of the phrase?(Vivaldi Four Seasons)

dynamic level

In this episode Vivaldi is attempting to depict ____.(Vivaldi Four Seasons)

murmuring water

How does this statement of the ritornello theme contrast with the others?(Vivaldi Four Seasons)

It is in a minor key.

In this episode, what instrument is featured?(Vivaldi Four Seasons)


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