Music Appreciation Final Exam (55)

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The twelve-tone method:

revolutionized composition in the twentieth century

The twelve-tone method is also known as:


In the twelve-tone method, the arrangement of the twelve tones is called a(n):

tone row

In the twelve-tone method, which term refers to playing the pitches in reverse order?


In the twelve-tone method, what is an inversion?

playing the row with the intervals in the opposite direction

Which of the following was NOT a member of the so-called Second Viennese School of composition?

Eric Satie

Which composer was a disciple of Schoenberg and is best known for his operas Wozzeck and Lulu?


Which of the following is NOT a work by Alban Berg?

A Survivor from Warsaw

Berg spent the last years of his life trying to complete:


Berg’s opera Wozzeck is based on a play by


Berg’s opera Wozzeck is best described as an example of


Berg’s opera Wozzeck centers on

a soldier’s obsession with unhappy love.

Which of the following best characterizes Berg’s Wozzeck?

atonal-Expressionist idiom leitmotifs tonal passages

How many scenes are there in each act of Berg’s Wozzeck?


The final, heartbreaking scene of Berg’s Wozzeck concludes with

the son of Marie and Wozzeck, alone.

Berg developed the twelve-tone method.


Serialism is another term for the twelve-tone method.


The transposition of pitches in a twelve-tone composition is called the tone row.


In retrograde inversion, the row is turned upside down and backward.


Berg’s music owes much to the influence of Arnold Schoenberg.


Berg incorporated into his music formal patterns from the past, such as the fugue.


Berg’s most widely known composition is the Violin Concerto.


Berg’s Wozzeck reflects the ideals of Expressionism


Wozzeck is based on a single twelve-tone row


In Berg’s opera, Wozzeck drowns because he was following moonbeams into the lake.


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