Music and Pop Culture – Chapter 5

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Early songs by Bob Dylan focused on:

a. lighthearted songs about romance

b. social injustices

c. personal experiences about his role in the music industry

d. continuing the legacy of early rock-and-roll artists


On which Bob Dylan album did half of the songs use electric instruments?

a. Don’t Look Back

b. The Times They Are A-Changin’

c. Another Side of Bob Dylan

d. Bringin’ It All Back Home


The Bob Dylan song "Positively 4th Street" focused on:

a. his desire for commercial success

b. the civil rights movement

c. his anger over criticism from the folk community

d. his wish to return to acoustic folk music


The first international number one folk-rock single was:

a. "Blowin’ in the Wind"

b. "Mr. Tambourine Man"

c. "The Sounds of Silence"

d. "Like a Rolling Stone"


The "jingle-jangle" guitar sound heard in the music of the Byrds was inspired by:

a. the twelve-string guitar played by George Harrison in "A Hard Day’s Night"

b. Bob Dylan’s switch to electric instruments at the Newport Folk Festival

c. Woody Guthrie’s folk influence

d. a combination of musical influences, including country and jazz


All of the following elements can be found in the Byrds’ version of "Mr. Tambourine Man" EXCEPT:

a. the folk revival

b. girl groups

c. rhythm and blues

d. the British invasion


Which song helped Simon and Garfunkel re-emerge as successful folk-rock musicians?

a. "Homeward Bound"

b. "The Sounds of Silence"

c. "Scarborough Fair"

d. "Eight Miles High"


"Eve of Destruction" was recorded by:

a. Lou Adler

b. the Mamas and the Papas

c. the Turtles

d. Barry McGuire


Musically, the group the Mamas and the Papas is known for:

a. Bob Dylan cover songs

b. sophisticated four-part vocal harmony arrangements

c. acoustic guitars and harmonicas

d. electric guitars influenced by the British invasion


Which song did Phil Spector consider a failure, leading him to retire from the music business?

a. "Da Doo Ron Ron"

b. "Monday, Monday"

c. "River Deep, Mountain High"

d. "Unchained Melody"


All of the following are musical characteristics of the song "California Girls" EXCEPT:

a. replacing drums with symphonic strings

b. an introduction built on a two-measure figure

c. a contrasting verse-chorus similar to "Be My Baby"

d. blending surf music with symphonic backgrounds


The Beach Boys’ song "God Only Knows" was once called the "perfect" pop song by which individual?

a. Phil Spector

b. Brian Wilson

c. Roger McGuinn

d. Paul McCartney


Sonny Bono worked under which influential member of the music industry?

a. Brian Wilson

b. David Crosby

c. Phil Spector

d. John Phillips


Despite being considered family entertainment, Sonny and Cher were also noted for:

a. writing folk songs about social injustices

b. being subversive to the establishment due to their hippie image

c. developing songs reminiscent of surf music

d. incorporating overt social protests in their lyrics


Which music venue was significant in establishing Johnny Rivers as a live act?

a. the Whiskey-a-Go-Go

b. the Troubadour

c. the Fillmore Auditorium

d. the Night Owl Coffee House


John Sebastian was a member of which New York-based band?

a. the Rascals

b. the Mamas and the Papas

c. the Lovin’ Spoonful

d. the Kingsmen


Which type of music influenced the New York-based band the Rascals?

a. rhythm and blues

b. the folk revival

c. doo-wop

d. garage rock


Which of the following bands was LEAST affected by the British invasion?

a. the Rascals

b. the Four Seasons

c. the Raiders

d. the McCoys


Frankie Valli was the lead vocalist for:

a. the Beach Boys, after Brian Wilson left

b. the Kingsmen

c. the Lovin’ Spoonful

d. the Four Seasons


All of the following are elements of 1960s garage bands EXCEPT:

a. releasing records in regional markets

b. rehearsing in basements or garages

c. signing with major, California-based record labels

d. recording on simple equipment


Which song is regarded as the first important garage band hit on a national level?

a. "Money"

b. "Crimson and Clover"

c. "Louie Louie"

d. "96 Tears"


Paul Revere and the Raiders received exposure from what television show?

a. Where the Action Is

b. American Bandstand

c. The Monkees

d. Hullabaloo


The intent of The Monkees television show was to:

a. provide an alternative to records

b. help garage band-style music to become more commercial

c. evoke the fun and humor of Beatles films

d. showcase new young artists


All of the following were members of the Monkees EXCEPT:

a. Peter Tork

b. Neil Diamond

c. Mike Nesmith

d. Davy Jones


The early songs by the Monkees were:

a. written by each member of the group

b. predominantly written by Mike Nesmith

c. all recorded by studio musicians with the exception of Mike Nesmith

d. written by professional songwriters and backed on recordings by studio musicians


Which instrument was NOT typical in folk rock?

a. electric guitars

b. drums

c. bass

d. trumpet


Bob Dylan’s idol was:

a. Woody Guthrie

b. Pete Seeger

c. Roger McGuinn

d. Gene Clark


Pet Sounds was influential for which Beatles’ album?

a. Rubber Soul

b. Let it Be

c. Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band

d. Revolver


Sonny and Cher initially performed under the names:

a. Sonny and Cher

b. Tom and Jerry

c. Cass and Sebastian

d. Caesar and Cleo


An important place in New York where many folk artists performed and congregated was:

a. Greenwich Village

b. SoHo

c. Harlem

d. East Side


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